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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E16: The Reigning Lorelai
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1. Emily mentions at dinner that her good friend recently died. Lorelai is interested in how Emily's late friend came to acquire this nickname.
2. Rory is less than thrilled to discover this while working at the Yale Daily News.
she is the person that an angry Doyle will be picking on
her workload is being taken away due to poor quality of past articles written
her desk has been moved next to Logan Huntzberger's
she's being given a 12-hour deadline for her latest assignment
3. The Dragonfly Inn's staff budget meeting won't start until Michel does this.
sets up a recording of a dog show
applies his facial moisturizer
checks Sookie's pantry for gluten-free snacks
finishes his treadmill workout
4. Emily calls with the news that Trix has died unexpectedly. What is an inconsolable Richard requesting?
Johnny Machete
mock turtle soup
Mulligatawny stew
juneberry pie
5. What has Richard saddest about his mother's death?
she won't be around to see Rory's children
his last words to her were angry ones
he now has nobody to treat him like he was the most important person in the world, as his mother did
he was left nothing in her will
6. Why is Emily putting some of Trix's items in the trunk of her car?
they are items she's always wanted but Trix wouldn't let her have
she wants to get them appraised
to keep them from a thieving relative
they have significant importance to Richard so Emily knows he'd want them
7. Lorelai is shocked to hear this piece of information about Trix.
she was related to Hitler
she gave up one of her children (Richard's twin) for adoption, as she had only wanted one child
she and her late husband were second cousins
she failed out of Yale
8. Emily stops planning Trix's funeral after discovering the carbon copy of a letter that Trix sent to Richard which was not complimentary towards Emily. What did Trix want Richard to do, according to the letter?
leave Emily at the altar
have an affair with Pennilyn Lott (Emily wouldn't have to know)
admit that he loved his mother more than he ever would his wife
move back in with Trix
9. Rory offers to take this item off of Lorelai's to-do list.
shopping for Trix's burial clothes
dealing with the funeral home
rewriting the obituary
printing the programs for the service
10. What does Jason tell Lorelai while he's at the Gilmore home that leaves her a bit surprised?
he thinks this is the perfect time to tell Richard and Emily that he's dating Lorelai
he won't be at the funeral because emotion and hugging makes him uncomfortable
he is bringing business clients to Trix's funeral
he never liked Trix
11. Doyle softens towards Rory after:
he catches her using newspaper resources to research Trix for her obituary
she starts crying at her desk
he overhears her talking to Lorelai about Trix's memorial service
Paris becomes the newest person to piss him off
12. Who is "shushed" upon walking into the diner so the crowd can hear Luke and Nicole fighting upstairs?
Miss Patty
13. Lorelai finally cracks and rants to a store employee while buying this for Trix.
14. What task does Rory help Richard with?
tying his bow tie
finding his dress shoes
ironing his shirt
shaving off his mustache
15. Rory offers to do this if Richard is unable to.
thank guests for coming
get food and drinks for him
give the eulogy
attend the cremation
16. What item did Lorelai sneak onto Trix before the funeral?
a Smurfs hair clip
a Korn pin
a Hello Kitty bracelet
a Britney Spears necklace

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