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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E15: Scene In a Mall
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1. Why is Luke having difficulty maneuvering his way around the diner?
construction workers are fixing the window that separates the diner from Taylor's ice cream shop
a mommy-and-me group are there with multiple strollers
he sprained his knee and is wearing a knee brace
Lorelai has her laptop plugged into the fax line in back of the counter
2. Kirk walks into the diner carrying a "man purse". What is he carrying inside?
his girlfriend's dog
a meal from Weston's Bakery
a laptop
3. How is Lane able to afford the rent on her new apartment?
she's dropped out of school and is working at Luke's full-time
she's rooming with her cousin
she's sharing a place with Zach and Brian
she's taken on another part-time job at Miss Patty's dance studio
4. Luke gives Lorelai a check for $30k, and seems annoyed when Lorelai brings up all of the following but one - which one?
a repayment schedule
not having officially asked him for the money
the idea that the diner might suffer because she has taken money earmarked for diner repairs
5. Lorelai is amazed watching Emily and Richard bicker while Emily's on the phone making dinner reservations. Which of the following was not something they bickered about?
how many of the Beatles were dead
Emily's shopping habits
the current host of "Family Feud"
Richard's mustache
6. Kirk has yet another new job. What is it?
dog walker
newspaper delivery boy
street sweeper
a road construction sign-holder
7. Dean's wife and mother-in-law show up at the Dragonfly while Rory's waiting to meet up with Lorelai. They discuss this while setting up Dean's lunch.
Dean and Lindsay's wedding
Lindsay is starting school next semester
Lindsay's mother is teaching her how to cook
Dean has made the Dean's list
8. While Brian and Zach are fighting over bunk beds and shelf space allotted for Brian's Futurama figurines, Lane is more concerned with the fact that their new place lacks necessities such as:
a refrigerator
a toilet
a garbage disposal
door locks
9. Emily blows through money, buying unnecessary items for Richard and herself as well as for Lorelai and Rory. She causes a scene when Lorelai questions what's going on. Where are they when this happens?
the shoe department
the bathroom
the makeup counter
10. Rory and Lorelai calm Emily down after introducing her to this part of the mall.
the coin operated massage chairs
the mani/pedi salon
the food court
the bouncy house
11. What food court item is Emily surprised to discover she enjoys?
a corn dog
an Orange Julius
a pretzel covered hot dog
a Blizzard
12. Emily compliments Lorelai on this.
the job she has done in raising Rory
her food choices - Emily is loving the food court selections!
the way she called Emily down
the way she handled a problem with the inn over the phone
13. Luke's conversation with Dean about _______ is interrupted when Dean is distracted by the appearance of Rory.
Dean's intentions to make a career out of construction work
Lindsay and her family
the diner
Kirk and his new dog-sitting job
14. Rory and Lorelai are taking inventory of all the items Emily bought for them. They don't want most of it, but fight over this one item.
a tote bag that came free with purchase
a tube of lip gloss
a Snuggie
a hair clip they got from the discount bin at the Dollar Store
15. What does Lorelai give to Luke after he helps serve her and Rory pie?
the $600 yoga mat
a rose
a coffee mug
the fork she dropped on the floor
16. Emily is disappointed when Richard claims he has "always liked" something she had just purchased: ________.
place settings
a vase

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