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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E11: In the Clamor and the Clangor
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1. Where is the announcement made that the church bells, which fell into disrepair 20 years ago, will be restored so they can ring once more?
a funeral service
a wedding ceremony
a town hall meeting
a baby shower
2. Which band member gets the band a spot playing at CBGB's in NYC?
3. Rory shows up at the Kim house to borrow some of Lane's CDs. Where does she hide them to avoid detection by Mrs. Kim?
in the back pocket of her blue jeans
inside a hollowed-out book
under her hat
inside her purse
4. When does Luke tell Lorelai that he and Nicole are living together?
after she overhears him talking to a postal employee about filling out a change of address form
after she asks about paint chip samples he's looking at in the diner
after Lorelai learns the news from Nicole
after a moving company calls the diner
5. Luke isn't the only one who hates the bells. Who is crying in anticipation of the ringing bells?
baby Davey
Mrs. Kim
6. What is Luke doing while yelling at Lorelai, telling her he doesn't owe her an explanation re: moving in with Nicole?
changing the oil in her Jeep
delivering food from the diner to her house
shoveling snow from her walk
cleaning her gutters
7. A defensive Rory has a tense debate in class with this person.
the guy who turned her down for a date in the laundry room
Asher Fleming's ex-girlfriend/former student
the guy she went on the disastrous date with
8. Lorelai visits the diner to ask Luke for his help in breaking the bells. She's surprised to see this while she's waiting for him to get his tool box.
divorce papers are sitting on the kitchen table
his apartment looks lived-in
Nicole's sitting in the diner, completely ignoring Lorelai
Luke has closed the diner early
9. Lane's upset when this happens at CBGB's.
she gets a phone call; Mrs. Kim has discovered her whereabouts
the band is booed off the stage
the band is bumped from playing due to lack of people in the audience
Gil quits the band
10. What does Lorelai use to open the locked church door?
a Video Barn membership card
her driver's license
a punch card for a free ice cream cone
an old gym card
11. Luke lets Lorelai in on a little secret while in the church:
he regrets moving in with Nicole
he's the reason the bells fell into disrepair 20 years ago
he has been playing mind games with Kirk over the ringing of the bells
the sound of the ringing bells reminds him of happy childhood memories with his dad
12. Luke and Lorelai once again argue over her judgement about his and Nicole's relationship; she admits she didn't want him to move, but doesn't get to elaborate, as they are interrupted by this person.
Miss Patty
Reverend Skinner
13. Mrs. Kim is about to head to Yale to pick up Lane, but decided against it after a conversation with this person.
14. Rory tells off William, the laundry-room guy, letting him know she doesn't appreciate his inaccurate retelling of the time she asked him out. She's embarrassed when:
he asks her out for coffee
he starts yelling back at her in the dining hall
he tells her the story's about another girl
Paris pushes him to the floor
15. Lane arrives home to find that her mother has discovered all of her contraband. Mrs. Kim asks her how long she's been accumulating these items; Lane says it started at the age of 6, when Mrs. Kim told her ________.
priests had been hired to follow her around town, making sure she was not sinning
Satan looked a lot like Captain Kangaroo
Cookie Monster was one of the 7 deadly sins
premarital sex caused one's genitals to catch on fire

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