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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E19: Afterboom
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1. Lorelai can't believe that Luke wants to get his divorce petition notarized at this establishment.
Taylor's ice cream shop
Mail Boxes Etc.
the post office
Divorces R Us
2. Luke finds it difficult to concentrate on getting a divorce when Lorelai and Kirk are loudly talking about this.
Cosby sweaters
the best song by The Rolling Stones
3. Luke does this for Lorelai because she's talking on two cell phones at once - one at each ear.
gives her a bite of her danish
buttons up her jacket
ties her shoelace
walks next to her, holding her coffee for her
4. Lane sees something strange while walking through town to get food - what?
Zach and Brian interviewing new band members
Kirk kissing a mystery woman
Mrs. Kim looking in her apartment's back window
a young Korean girl heading out of the antiques store, with Mrs Kim
5. What happens as Michel is giving a tour of the inn to travel agents?
the horses get loose and run towards the inn
Jason shows up and starts soliciting costumers
Sookie hurts her foot and is carried outside to see a doctor
Lorelai is knocked unconscious after she's hit in the head by a wall hanging
6. Jason arrives at the Dragonfly, and he's pretty angry. Why?
Richard has taken all of their clients and has gone back into business with Floyd
Richard has just called him screaming
Lorelai won't take any of his calls now that their parents know of their relationship
Floyd has added Jason's name to the lawsuit
7. Asher has done something that makes Paris happy - what?
called her his girlfriend
dedicated his latest book to her (although not specifically by name)
held her hand when they were out in public
started writing another novel with a woman named Paris as the heroine
8. Paris isn't the only person not happy about the number of female college students throwing themselves at Asher. Who's unhappy?
Asher's daughter
9. Lorelai confronts Richard about what he's done to Jason; she's upset that Jason may have to move to find work since Richard has ruined his reputation. How does Richard respond?
he tells Lorelai to move along with Jason if it bothers her that much
he tells Lorelai he doesn't believe her relationship with Jason is built to last
he says that Jason moving would be of no big loss to anyone
he offers to give Jason back 10 of his clients
10. Who convinces Lorelai to attend Friday night dinner, despite her troubles with Richard?
11. Who is the girl living with Mrs. Kim?
Mrs. Kim's newly adopted daughter
Lane's third cousin
a foreign exchange student
a tourist renting out her room
12. Asher Fleming becomes angry when Rory questions the grade she received on her paper - why?
she insinuated her good grade was because he's seeing Paris, and was not earned
she insisted he give her a higher grade
she accused him of not reading her paper
she threatened to report his and Paris's relationship to the dean if he doesn't raise her grade
13. Lorelai and Rory show up to Friday night dinner and something is definitely strange. Which of the following doesn't happen/cause Lorelai to wonder what's going on?
Emily knows nothing about dinner
Emily's car is parked in the driveway
dessert was given to them "to go"
the maid orders takeout because Emily forgot to request a cooked meal
14. Lane is bummed when Zach leaves with groupies after their set ends, immediately after this happens.
he kisses her
he tells Lane he's quitting the band
he compliments her for the first time
he gets the band another gig
15. Where does a sad Lane go after leaving the gig?
the diner
Rory's bedroom in Lorelai's house
the antiques shop
16. How does Jason respond after learning that Richard and Emily have separated?
he proposes to Lorelai
he breaks up with Lorelai
he tells Lorelai he's suing Richard
he calls Emily and begs her top to take Richard back

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