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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E17: A Tale of Poes and Fire
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1. Rory's been accepted to Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Which school does Luke think she should attend?
the one that teaches her how to make an important life decision without making pro/con list
the one that's furthest away from Jess
the one that's closest to Lorelai, as Lorelai won't know what to do all alone in her house
the one whose dining hall makes the best coffee and burgers
2. Kirk tries getting Lorelai in on his latest moneymaking venture. What's he selling now?
picture frames made from trees cut down in Stars Hollow
candies made from fish
t-shirts with topical statements about what's going on in the town
house cleaning services
By way of explanation.....
"Babette ate oatmeal"
3. What news does Luke share with Lorelai?
the diner has been named in a local magazine's "best of Connecticut" poll
Jess has been named Walmart's Employee of the Month
he is thinking of selling the diner
Jess has been accepted to three area colleges
4. What does Luke learn while at Jess's Employee of the Month function?
he's been working there longer than he claimed
he has been dating a fellow Wal-Mart employee behind Rory's back
he is nice and sweet to the customers
he's working over 40 hours a week
5. Lindsay seems to give Rory some shade when they see each other at a reading of The Raven. Nicole gives Lorelai some attitude after ________.
Lorelai asks Luke for a pen
Lorelai teases Luke about his haircut
Lorelai and Rory make too much noise during the reading
Lorelai asks Luke if the diner will be open after the reading is over
6. What does Kirk want to know from one of the Poes?
whether his beard is real
how to make a career out of "being a Poe"
how much the stuffed raven cost
whether being a Poe gets him a lot of action with the ladies
7. After she receives word that the Independence Inn has caught fire, Lorelai puts the staff into action. While Sookie is running to the store for food and Rory is entertaining the guests' children, Michel:
pretends he's sick so he can go home
invites an attractive hotel first back to his apartment
calls competing hotels to see if they may have a job for him
runs into the inn to save a trapped kitten
8. What piece of information does Luke learn after Lorelai, Sookie and the inn's guests take over the diner?
Jess and Rory are having sex
Kirk was kicked out of his house and wants to stay with Luke
Sookie's pregnant
Lorelai has been fired as a result of the inn catching fire
9. Miss Patty tells Michel about a former job of hers, and is annoyed when he has no idea who she's talking about. Whose receptionist was she?
George Hamilton
Frank Sinatra
Joan Rivers
Ricardo Montalban
10. Babette is helping Michel and Miss Patty with finding guests alternate arrangements, but this is not all that helpful - why?
she won't stop talking long enough to answer the phone
she has no idea how to use a computer
she can't stop crying
she keeps touching Michel, which is making him angry
11. Rory visits Paris after realizing she hasn't been to school since her meltdown during the C-SPAN speech. Paris doesn't want to talk about her problems; instead, she talks about:
dyeing her hair red
soap operas
12. How does Lorelai wind up without a place to stay/bed to sleep in for the night?
she miscounts the number of people needing accommodations in her house
a couple who had left town after the fire arrived at Lorelai's to sleep there - she made sleeping there sound so much fun
Mrs. Kim decides she doesn't want anyone staying in her house/store, so those people stay with Lorelai
an exhausted Michel passes out on Lorelai's bed
13. Where does Lorelai wind up spending the night?
in the gazebo
in Mrs. Kim's house
in the back room of Doose's Market
in Luke's apartment
14. Staying the night at Lane's house, Rory lets Lane in on something she noticed that Lane herself hadn't picked up on - what?
Lane doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for Dave Rygalski any more
Mrs. Kim seems to be warming up to the idea of Lane dating Dave
Lane's "fake boyfriend" Young Chui is in love with her
Mrs. Kim seems to enjoy the rock music that Lane's band plays
15. Jess visits Rory at Lane's house but is chased away by Mrs. Kim, who is armed with _______.
a cricket bat
a samurai sword
a BB gun
water balloons
16. Why is Lorelai a "sore point" between Luke and his girlfriend Nicole?
Luke called Nicole "Lorelai" in bed one time
Nicole is convinced that Lorelai is in love with Luke
Nicole thinks Lorelai is prettier than she is and feels insecure about it
Luke talked a lot about Lorelai on his first date with Nicole
17. What gift does Lorelai receive as a "thank you" from the Poe Society for the way she took such good care of them?
a Raven statue
a gift card to a coffee shop
a signed copy of Edgar Allan Poe's collected works
18. As Lorelai, Sookie and Michel are surveying the inn's extensive damage, Rory arrives home to find:
Kirk sleeping in her bed
Dean sitting on the front porch, waiting to talk to her about something important
her Harvard bulletin board has been replaced with Yale items
her father has left a message for her and Lorelai on the answering machine
By way of explanation.....
complete with some of Kirk's custom-made "Rory's Going to Yale!" shirts

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