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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E02: The Lorelais' First Day at Yale
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1. Lorelai and Rory are slow to leave the house to move Rory into her dorm room; they're arguing over:
Emily's reaction to seeing them Friday for the first time all summer
whether Pat Summerall is dead or alive
the best color for the living room walls (Lorelai is considering repainting)
whether Ringo was a better Beatle than George
2. Luke is unsure about letting Lorelai use his truck after:
she drives from her house to the diner in reverse
she loses the keys to his truck
she tells him she won't be refilling his gas tank after she's done using the truck
she parks the truck sideways in front of the diner
3. Rory meets Tana, one of her suitemates. Tana, not comfortable with small talk, tells Rory:
the story of her grandmother's thyroid surgery
the crime rates on campus, broken down by dorms
the best and worst places to store valuables, in case her room is broken into
the average IQs of various majors on campus
4. Tana is:
only able to speak Portuguese
15 years old
a celebrity's child
one of seven children
By way of explanation.....
"16 on Tuesday!"
5. Lorelai and Rory say their goodbyes, but Lorelai announces she will be back in a few hours. Why?
she peeked in another dorm room and realized how much stuff Rory still "needs"
she's not ready to leave her little girl just yet
she wants to be there to play interference in case Emily stops by
she wants to buy Rory a good supply of alcohol to hide in her room
6. Nicole's lawyers do not believe Luke when he says he wants nothing in the divorce, so he finally gives in. What does he say he wants after all?
money back for the clothes he purchased to go on the cruise
Nicole's wedding ring - it was his late mother's ring
for Nicole to be represented by a different law firm
the 3 hours of his life that were spent watching a crappy show on the cruise ship
7. Luke and Lorelai bicker over this item, sitting in the back of Luke's truck.
area rug
8. Surprise! Paris is attending Yale too - and is one of Rory's suitemates. Paris's parents aren't helping her move in; this person is instead.
her rabbi
her therapist
her life coach
her personal trainer
9. Paris and her life coach Terrance are setting up ________ in the living area when Lorelai arrives with more items for Rory's room.
an exercise area
a cooking station
a crafts corner
a meditation zone
10. Rory is confused about whether she actually "needed" this item Lorelai purchased for her.
disco ball
rape whistle
lava lamp
singing fish plaque
11. Rory begs Lorelai to come back to Yale. Lorelai arrives to find Rory upset about:
being a "mama's girl"
having Paris as a roommate
phone calls she's been receiving from Jess
not being able to fit a TV inside her small dorm room
12. Lorelai helps the girls in the dorm socialize with each other by:
organizing a game of Charades
throwing a keg party
ordering takeout from every restaurant in the delivery radius
strolling by the fraternities to check out which has the cutest pledges
13. Lorelai tells the girls they should be eating the takeout based on 3 criteria. Which is not one of the criteria?
speed of service
the menu layout
quality of food
attractiveness of delivery men
14. Shortly before going to sleep, Rory and Lorelai _______ back at the guys in the male dorm who are doing the same outside.
15. Lorelai finally returns Luke's truck back to him. He is annoyed to find the mattress back in his truck bed, but _______ missing.
the jumper cables
the rear license plate
the car jack
the spare tire
16. Two fellow freshman knock on Rory's door and offer her _____ as a thank you for their fun first night at Yale.
a hug
a pancake breakfast
a cup of coffee
a bagel

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