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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E06: An Affair to Remember
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1. Emily and Richard are ranting about something at dinner, but Lorelai thinks they are making a mountain out of a molehill. What has them all riled up?
their friends have adopted a mutt from an animal shelter, rather than buy a purebred dog
the new maid has bad breath
their longtime mechanic is retiring
the new neighbors passed out king sized candy bars at Halloween
By way of explanation.....
Didn't the neighbors care that the Gilmores have been passing out full size candy bars for *years*?
2. Emily's in charge of the company's launch party, and she's asked Sookie to cater the event. Why is Lorelai stressed out when she hears this news?
she forgot to tell Emily that she and Sookie had started a catering company
she doesn't want to be her mother's "hired help"
she suspects that Emily has hired them because she pities them
the party is the same day as another event they have scheduled; Emily wants them to cancel the other function
3. Oh boy. It looks as though Kirk is now in another line of business - designing "whimsical" _______.
license plate holders
refrigerator magnets
boxer shorts
4. Lorelai gives Kirk some advice after he tells her:
he still wants to date her
he's looking to move out of his mother's house
he has a date with his brother's ex-girlfriend
he's been in touch with his long-lost father
5. Rory's finding it difficult to study in her room, as:
Paris is fighting with her boyfriend over the phone
Janet is teaching a kickboxing class in the common room
Tanna is practicing her vocal arrangements for an upcoming choir performance
Paris and her boyfriend are having sex in there, so Rory's not allowed to enter her room
6. Emily expresses her annoyance that Lorelai didn't tell her about the catering company, and correctly guesses that her daughter is lying when Lorelai claims:
to have sent Emily a flyer the previous week
she sent out a mass email the day the company's licenses were approved
the company had just been put together that morning
she told Richard the news, telling him he should pass the news along to Emily
7. Rory goes home to study, but finds that impossible as well. Why?
Lane's holding band auditions in the living room
the furnace is making a horrible noise that can be heard throughout the house
Sookie has filled Rory's room with broccoli tarts
Lorelai is fighting with Emily over the phone
8. Lorelai and Sookie arrive at Emily's house for a tasting presentation. Sookie is amazed that the elder Gilmores have a maid; Lorelai doesn't find it so amusing. Why not?
the maid sent Lorelai and Sookie to the servants entrance
the maid doesn't recognize Lorelai, despite having met her the night before
the maid is leaving as Lorelai and Sookie are arriving; she's just been fired by Emily
this particular maid is horrible at her job
9. Rory finally found the perfect study spot. Where is it?
under a table at the library
under a tree
in her car
in the laundry room
10. Lorelai and Luke are mesmerized watching Kirk "practice" for his date with Lulu. What's he doing?
videotaping himself eating and talking at the table
dancing with an imaginary partner
having a conversation with a blow-up doll that's seated in the seat across from him
reading a self-help book on dating
11. Emily's upset when Jason tells her that a launch party isn't necessary. What's he planning on doing instead?
throwing a party in a strip club
bringing the clients to Atlantic City
having a party thrown by his mother
nothing at all
12. Kirk is panicking, and he turns to Luke for help. What's wrong?
he doesn't know if he should tell his date that he's a virgin
he's having an allergic reaction to the wine, but doesn't want to end the date to go to the ER
he no longer finds his date attractive
the date is going well; his date has not run away or humiliated him yet
13. Emily shares with Lorelai the reason the launch party has been cancelled. How does Lorelai respond?
she drives to Jason's office to give him a piece of her mind
she tells Emily not to bother paying her back for the money already spent
she gives Emily a hug
she calls Richard and yells at him for allowing this to happen
14. Jason uses a word when describing cocktail parties that Lorelai takes issue with. What?
By way of explanation.....
that word makes corporate wives like Emily obsolete as well
15. What reason does Jason give as to why Lorelai should go to dinner with him?
he's filthy rich and can give her the very best
It would be good for the Emily and Richard to see that their daughter gets along with the business partner
Emily would hate it
she owes him a favor from 20 years prior
16. How does Rory get "her tree" back from the guy with the truck magazine?
she buys him a pizza
she offers him $20
she calls campus police and accuses him of harassing her
she agrees to go on a date with him

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