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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E14: The Incredible Sinking Lorelais
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1. Lorelai, Sookie and Michel are talking with Tom the contractor when they are excited to learn this.
the inn's construction will be finished earlier than expected
the construction is coming in under budget
the Dragonfly's phone has been hooked up
Sookie's dream kitchen is nearly finished
2. What does Lorelai use to write down the inn's first official reservation?
a gum wrapper
a napkin
her arm
a cardboard box
3. Rory and her suitemates get into a heated discussion after Paris finds something in the suite and wonders who it belongs to. What is the item?
a pair of men's underwear
a condom wrapper
a football jersey
a nose hair trimmer
By way of explanation.....
it belongs to Janet's boyfriend, which of course Paris already knew
4. It's Rory's first day on the job. What's she doing?
swiping cards in the food hall
stocking shelves at the bookstore
cleaning dorm bathrooms
administrative staff in the financial aid office
5. Rory gets an unexpected phone call from Dean. What does he want?
to vent to her about his unhappy marriage
help with his college economics assignment
to check on her and see how she's doing in school
her approval for him to work for Tom the contractor at the Dragonfly
6. Emily tells Lorelai that her presence is mandatory at a luncheon with Trix in 2 days' time. Emily insists that Lorelai do this before the luncheon.
get a massage
get a haircut
buy some new clothes
get a manicure
By way of explanation.....
"You looked like the bird lady in Mary Poppins the last time I saw you."
7. Tom the contractor needs to talk to Lorelai and Sookie. What's the problem?
half of the inn is about to collapse
Michel is causing problems between Tom's workers
they're not paying him and his team
the pay is not high enough for the work Lorelai expects them to do
8. Paris storms into the food hall to talk to Rory, and she's pissed. Why's she angry this time?
Rory told Lane about Paris's relationship with Asher
Lane is consistently giving Paris decaf coffee
Janet has thrown away her craft supplies
Asher has broken up with her after discovering she told Rory about the relationship
9. Lorelai's in the middle of a hair appointment when she gets a call; nobody showed up at the inn to sign for Sookie's sink. She can't get a hold of Sookie; why can't Michel go to the inn and sign for it?
his legs have fallen asleep so he doesn't feel safe driving to the inn
he could; he just doesn't feel like doing it!
he's in the middle of a massage
Celine Dion just showed up at the hotel he works at
10. Lane runs into Lorelai while at the diner asking Luke for her job back. Lane thanks Lorelai - what for?
dealing with Mrs. Kim so Lane doesn't have to
letting Lane stay with Lorelai
helping to convince Luke to hire Lane back
being so damn awesome
By way of explanation.....
Rory left a message on Lorelai's voicemail letting her know Lane would be there
11. Lorelai was at Luke's for a reason other than coffee...What?
she asked him to dinner
she was hiding out from Emily, who had been searching for Lorelai in Stars Hollow since she arrived
she wanted to use his truck
she needed to get advice from someone who ran his own business
12. What piece of advice does Mrs. Kim give Lane after discovering her daughter is staying at Lorelai's?
"Dress modestly. "
"Pray now, more than ever."
"Cook your own food."
"Wear socks."
13. Why is Rory surprised when she goes to one of her professors to discuss her latest paper?
the professor hits on her
the professor seems uninterested inn talking to her
the professor suggests she drop his class
the professor goes over her stellar paper, only to discover he grabbed the wrong paper
14. Trix gives Jason a hard time when he does this after they are introduced.
attempts to hug her
gives her a present
calls her Trix instead of Mrs. Gilmore
sits at the head of the table at lunch
15. Trix makes her opinions on the Gilmore financial situations perfectly clear while at lunch. Which person at the table is the one to give it right back to Trix?
16. Both Rory and Lorelai break down over the stress in their lives and are comforted by Dean and Luke. Lorelai tells Luke the reason she was asking him to dinner - what did she need?
some of his staff, only temporarily
someone to tell her everything is going to be okay
help fixing her house while she's busy getting the inn ready to open

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