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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E12: A Family Matter
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1. There are no empty tables at the diner, but Kirk is unsure about sharing a table with Lorelai - why?
he doesn't like how she ignores Luke's request to stay off her cell phone
she has a cold, and he doesn't want to get sick
he is saving the extra seats at the table for Taylor, Miss Patty and Babette
he equates sharing a table with flirting, and he has a girlfriend!
2. Paris's boyfriend Jamie is in town and is upset that he won't be seeing Paris that night. What lie/excuse does Paris tell him in order to get him off the phone?
Janet lost her academic scholarship and needs help with writing an appeal letter
Lane is on drugs and needs her help
Rory is going through a horrible breakup and doesn't want Paris to leave her side
she has mono and doesn't have the energy to do anything but sleep
3. Jason's visiting Stars Hollow so he, with Lorelai's help, can ________.
try a new restaurant
buy antiques
buy a car at Stars Hollow Autos
check out historical sites in town
4. Jason is jonesing for coffee in a big way, but refuses to go into Luke's. Why?
he thinks it looks dirty from the outside
he wants an espresso and can't believe Luke's doesn't make those
he realizes Luke was the person he was rudely tailgating on the way to Lorelai's house
he doesn't want to waste time going inside for coffee; he wants to find a place with a drive-thru
5. Rory is visited in the dining hall by Jamie, who is confused as to why Paris is blowing him off. What news does Jamie share with Rory?
it's his birthday
he was going to propose to her
it's their anniversary this coming weekend
he's leaving to study abroad
6. Luke enters his apartment top to talk to the mystery visitor - his sister, Liz. What does he find Liz searching in a closet for?
her old diary
a bottle of booze
her hidden porn collection
a hidden stash of pot
7. Liz has a new job which is a big hit on the Renaissance fair circuit - what?
making jewelry
painting caricatures
cooking turkey legs
making candles and soaps
8. A frustrated Luke admits to Liz that he:
thinks Jess is nothing but trouble
attempted to pay off the principal of Stars Hollow High so he'd allow Jess to graduate
was the person who stole Jess's car
never wants to be a father if it means having to deal with a punk like Jess
9. Lorelai's getting pretty frustrated herself while out with Jason - why?
Jason keeps complaining about being in "boring" Stars Hollow
Jason's spent the entire day on his phone, taking business calls
Richard won't stop calling her so her cell phone battery is about to die
Mrs. Kim keeps jacking up her prices after she realizes Jason is rich
10. Jason once again asks Lorelai to tell her parents about their relationship, after:
Richard asks Jason if he is seeing anyone and Jason, uncomfortable with lying, is intentionally vague
Jason expresses an interest in joining the family Friday night dinners
Emily calls each of them while they are out and nearly figures it out
Lorelai mentions how keeping their relationship a secret is exhausting
11. Rory confronts Paris about her relationships with both Jamie and Asher. How does a cheerful Paris respond?
she immediately calls Jamie and breaks up with him over the phone
she invites Jamie over for some sex
she visits Asher in his office and asks him about the status of their relationship
she invites both Jamie and Asher to lunch so they can all discuss their needs going forward
12. Rory arrives home before Friday night dinner and is amazed to find this.
a pile of unpaid bills
a new couch
Kirk sleeping in her bedroom
a fully stocked fridge
13. What happens that causes Lorelai to change her mind about sharing her relationship news with Emily?
Jason calls and questions the status of their relationship
Jason walks into the room, ready for Friday night dinner
Emily laughs herself silly after joking about Lorelai and Jason together
Emily talks about how wonderful she thinks Jason is
14. Who or what do Lorelai and Rory discover while walking through Stars Hollow, drinking their "hocho"?
Dean's fighting with his wife in the middle of town
Jason, who is waiting for Lorelai outside the diner
Christopher's motorcycle
Jess's car - with Jess asleep inside
15. Which of the following is NOT an example Rory gives as to why she worries that Lorelai is having money problems?
there's bread in the pantry
some of the cable movie channels are missing
the cleaning lady no longer comes to the house
there are no piles of magazines on the coffee table

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