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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E03: The Hobbit, The Sofa, and Digger Stiles
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1. What does Rory admit to doing so she stays connected to Stars Hollow?
calls Kirk for a weekly Stars Hollow recap
asked Taylor to videotape the town meetings
had takeout delivered from Al's Pancake World
subscribed to the Stars Hollow Gazette
2. Rory's third roommate, Janet, arrived the previous night. Lorelai asks what she's like; how does Rory respond?
"She jogs."
"She's a model."
"She makes Paris look calm."
"She plays the French horn."
3. Sookie and Lorelai discuss the inn and financial affairs while Jackson is:
hooking up a baby monitor to a central speaker system in the house
having a panic attack over how they will bring money in until the Dragonfly opens
harvesting tomatoes in the back yard
attempting to assemble a crib in the nursery
4. What does Rory discover after walking in to her dorm?
Paris has made the entire common area a giant "crafts corner"
the common area has been redecorated
a fifth roommate has moved in and is living in the common area
she's in the wrong dorm - whoops!
5. Rory's worried about what her roommates will think when they discover her grandmother put $25,000 worth of furniture and electronics into the common area without asking them. Why is Emily not concerned?
she knows it will bother Lorelai, and that's good enough for her
she believes that every teenager loves having the best tv and sound system
she thinks this gives Rory the "upper hand"
she doesn't really care if Rory thinks the gift is appropriate or not; she knows it will it help her look good in front of her DAR friends
6. Richard is suspicious when he hears he received a phone call from Jason "Digger" Stiles. Who is he?
Lorelai's middle school boyfriend, pre-Christopher
their next-door neighbor
the son of Richard's former business partner
a distant relative
7. Why does Paris call Lorelai?
she thinks Lorelai would like to know that Rory has been socializing with some of the guys on campus
she's upset that Rory doesn't want to keep the common room door open during the dorm party
she is concerned about the cost of the furniture Emily bought
she is having problems with her boyfriend and wants Lorelai's advice
8. Why is Paris so eager to keep the door open for the party?
she saw a cute guy in class and wants to watch him as he walks by to another party upstairs
she knows it will annoy new roommate Janet
her life coach told her it's important to meet as many new people as possible
this is her chance for a new identity, since nobody else knew the "old Paris"
9. Jason stops by for a meeting with Richard and expresses a desire to work together. Why does Jason want to become Richard's partner?
his father fired him from his job at Richard's old firm
he wants to help his father and Richard reconcile
his father was fired; Jason wants to merge the two companies so he doesn't have to close his father's one
he wants to piss off his father (Richard's former business partner)
10. At the dorm party, Rory meets twins whose mother is friends with Emily. The ladies are so preoccupied with _______ that they don't seem to pay much attention to Rory.
finding the cutest, richest guys at the party
giving Rory a nickname
going through Rory's closet
planning their spring break trip to Belize
11. What causes Sookie and Lorelai to argue at the birthday party they're throwing?
Sookie hates Lord of the Rings while Lorelai loves it
Lorelai questions why Sookie has catered for an adult party rather than for a group of 8 year olds
Lorelai accuses Sookie of being moodier and more emotional than usual
Lorelai didn't like being put on the spot by Sookie re: catering the party
12. A very pregnant Sookie questions whether she is cut out to be a mother after:
realizing how much time is spent changing diapers
Lorelai tells her how a child's culinary palate isn't quite as refined as an adult's
making a little girl at the party cry
a child spills a bowl of ice cream all over her apron
13. Rory meets Marty, a fellow freshman she saw earlier in her Japanese fiction class, when:
she finds him naked and snoring in the first floor hallway
she catches him following her back to the dorm
he helps her clean after a party goer spills beer all over her new couch
he delivers Chinese food to the party
14. Richard's announcement that he's going into business with Jason Stiles comes at the very moment when ________.
Rory is about to confront Emily about the dorm furniture
Emily is about to yell at Lorelai for her refusal to tell Emily about her private life
Emily is about to fire her latest maid
Lorelai and Rory are about to start fighting
15. Emily was initially enthusiastic about Richard going into business with Jason, but that changes. Why is she no longer in favor of the plan?
Lorelai is in agreement with Emily that it's a good idea, which immediately changes Emily's mind
Jason made an inappropriate comment to Emily shortly before he left
she discovers that revenge is the reason behind it
Richard tells her how much money Jason wants for his salary

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