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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E21: Here Comes the Son
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1. Lane shows Lorelai and Rory the brochures from the Seventh Day Adventist college she'll be attending in the fall. Lorelai does a lousy job of hiding her feelings about the fact that the college:
has a 7:00 pm curfew
has separate parks for boys and girls
is girls-only
doesn't allow junk food or alcohol on campus
2. Why does Rory need to fit a visit with Emily into her already packed pre-graduation schedule?
Emily wants Rory to have a pre-graduation lunch with her and Richard
she has no idea - Emily won't say
Emily wants Rory to practice walking across the stage with "elegance and class"
Emily wants Rory's help in picking out a dress to wear to graduation
3. Luke sneaks over to Lorelai's to let her know that Jess has left town, seemingly for good. He's concerned about how Rory will take the news, but it's Lorelai who winds up comforting Luke - why?
Luke thinks he failed Jess
Luke is so angry that he's having trouble seeing straight
Luke is worried about "poor Rory"
Luke is worried about whether Jess made it to his destination
4. Lorelai receives some distressing mail. What's the problem?
the Dragonfly Inn is no longer for sale
Rory didn't qualify for Yale financial aid
Emily is suing Lorelai
Lorelai owes the IRS a considerable amount of money in back taxes
5. Jess shows up unannounced at his father's house in California. He's greeted by Jimmy's girlfriend Sasha, as well as:
Jess's mother
Sasha's parents and sons
a lot of dogs
a police officer
6. What does Jess find in the closet while snooping around in his dad's office?
a picture of Jimmy holding baby Jess
a live recording of David Bowie in concert
unsent child support checks
a little girl
By way of explanation.....
she's reading in private
7. What is the name of Jimmy's restaurant on the boardwalk?
Dante's Inferno
Heart of the Sea
Ziggy Stardust's
Jess's Place
8. Emily's fashion consultant Miss Celine is convinced that Rory looks just like this actress.
Grace Kelly
Irene Dunne
Elizabeth Taylor
Audrey Hepburn
9. Madeline and Louise are in charge of handing out yearbooks to the senior class. Why might this not be the best idea?
they are ripping a page out of every yearbook that contains a horrible picture of them
they still don't know the names of any of their classmates
they are to busy flirting to hand out any yearbooks
they somehow misplaced the boxes of yearbooks
10. While manning the Grad Night table, Lorelai helps Paris with an issue she's having. What's Paris worrying about?
she's not sure which college to attend
she wants to break up with her boyfriend but doesn't know how
her parents are divorcing again and it's making her anxious
Rory won't talk to her and she isn't sure what the problem is
11. Why is Jimmy's girlfriend Sasha upset with him when he arrives home from work?
she has figured out that his "business trip" the previous week was really a trip to see Jess
she was previously unaware that Jimmy had a son; he had told her he didn't have any kids
she doesn't have room in the house for another guest; the dogs take up too much room as it is
Jimmy had lied to her about the age of his son, so she was surprised to see he was nearly an adult
12. Meanwhile, Lorelai goes to Emily's house to get Rory and is upset when she figures out:
Emily has invited her friends to Rory's graduation
Emily's lying about her plans for the evening so Lorelai won't stay for dinner
Rory is being evasive about what she and Emily discussed during their visit
Richard is giving her the silent treatment
13. What happens that causes Lorelai to tell Rory that Jess is gone?
Rory keeps calling Jess but he won't answer his phone
Rory tells Lorelai that she won't be going to the prom
Luke sees Rory in the car and panics, running into the diner
Jess sends Rory a message saying he's sorry, but won't say what he's sorry for
14. Jimmy's upset because he had trouble finding Jess, who had decided to peruse stores on the Boardwalk while Jimmy and Sasha were fighting. Where did Jimmy find Jess?
a music store
a movie theater
a bar
a bookstore
15. What does Lorelai discover after she and Rory arrive home from Hartford?
Jess has left Rory multiple messages on the answering machine
Emily has decided not to attend Rory's graduation ceremony
Rory's been named Valedictorian
Dean has called of his wedding to Lindsay

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