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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E18: Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!
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1. Lorelai, Sookie and Jackson are distracted by this while at the diner.
Kirk's leather pants
Taylor's new toupee
Luke without his signature baseball cap
the diner's new paint job
2. The existence of this item causes Michel to throw a tantrum.
rotary telephone
hope chest
3. Lorelai leads a conversation at dinner that Emily believes might be the most pointless conversation she's ever been involved in. What does Lorelai want to know?
What is it like to cry underwater?
Where have all the anvils gone?
Can crop circles be square?
Do psychics know when a surprise party is being thrown for them?
4. Where does Floyd - Jason's father and Richard's former business partner - approach Richard about meeting up for dinner?
on the golf course
at a local whiskey bar
outside a conference room after a business meeting
at the Gilmore home
5. Rory's surprised to see Dean at her dorm. He's there to bring this to her.
the textbook she left at the house
spending money from Lorelai
a bookcase that didn't fit at the inn
clothes Lorelai bought for her in Stars Hollow
6. Why does Rory get upset with Dean?
he admits he and Lindsay are trying to get pregnant
he tells her he's taking a few semesters off from school
he says he's not sure he made the right decision by getting married
he insults Lorelai while discussing problems at the inn
7. What has helped Jason be less nervous about having dinner with his parents?
the fact that Lorelai is nervous
the fact that Emily will be occupying his parents in conversation during dinner
the newfound knowledge that Floyd is about to retire
the idea that he and Lorelai can announce their relationship in front of all of their parents at once
8. The town has a foul odor, and it's discovered that Kirk is responsible - the odor is due to missing Easter eggs still in the town square. Taylor can't believe that Kirk did this when hiding the Easter eggs for the hunt.
camouflaged them so they'd blend in with the grass
used a t-shirt launcher to get the eggs on top of roofs
hid some up in a tree, out of a child's reach
hid uncooked eggs
9. Things get uncomfortable at Doose's Market when:
Rory sees Lindsay and Dean making out in the produce department
Jess shows up unexpectedly
Kirk discusses Dean and Lindsay's marital problems loud enough for everyone to hear
Lindsay overhears Rory speaking badly about her
10. Friday night dinner arrives, and everyone seems to point out:
how dressed up Lorelai is
the fact that Rory is having a drink while underage
Rory's hot pink shoes
Lorelai's bad haircut
11. Floyd informs Richard and Jason that he is suing them while the 3 men are doing this.
playing pool
enjoying brandy and cigars in Richard's office
playing a friendly game of blackjack
listening to Emily play the piano
12. Richard is surprised to hear Floyd mention this private piece of information about Richard's business.
the business is losing money
Richard made back door deals that were supposed to remain secret
Richard put up his pension as collateral
Richard is getting ready to sell the business
13. How did Floyd know that Jason and Lorelai were dating?
he had a private investigator follow Jason
Jason had confided in his mother, who immediately told his father
he saw them out on a date
Richard told him
14. A deliriously tired Kirk is happy when ________ finds the last dozen missing eggs.
15. Dean meets up with Rory and lets her know:
he's decided not to take a semester off of school
Lindsay doesn't want Dean to talk to Rory any more
he's planning on leaving Lindsay
Lindsay is pregnant
16. Richard doesn't wait for Jason to solve the issue with Floyd - he takes matters into his own hands. What happens as a result?
he countersues Floyd
he fires Jason
Floyd joins Richard and Jason's business
Richard breaks up his partnership with Jason and goes back into business with Floyd

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