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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E09: Ted Koppel's Big Night Out
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1. Lorelai and Rory meet in the busy diner for breakfast; Lorelai can't believe Luke isn't upset with her for doing this.
pushing 2 tables together during a busy time
trying samples off other customers' plates
talking on her cell phone
singing loudly until customers get uncomfortable and leave the diner
2. A chipper Luke doesn't seem to mind that Lorelai pushed the tables together. Why IS Luke in such a good mood?
Nicole spent the night
the diner is being featured in a New England eateries magazine
Taylor is on vacation for the next week
he hired some help
3. What does Rory find memorable about junior high school classmate Brennon Lewis, the kid Luke hired to help in the diner?
he asked out every girl in his 8th grade class and everyone said "no"
he was the only kid that math tutor Rory couldn't get to pass Algebra
he ate a sandwich after not washing his hands post-frog dissection
he ate an entire container of the cafeteria's coleslaw on a dare
4. Rory and Paris are introduced to Professor Asher Fleming during:
a book signing
lunch with Richard
Rory's economics class
a Gilmore party
By way of explanation.....
Asher and Richard were college classmates
5. Richard and Emily are surprised when Lorelai does this.
expresses an interest in going back to school
asks to join them at the Yale/Harvard football game
mentions that she finds Jason Stiles attractive
falls asleep on the couch during drinks
6. Which of the following is NOT a reason Lorelai gives Luke for why he should fire Brennon?
he can't tell the difference between bagels and donuts
he has worn a Foreigner t shirt every day he has worked there, yet has no idea who they are
he gave Kirk a napkin that was being held in the back pocket of his jeans
he calls everyone "dude" or "dudette", and nothing else
7. Richard and Emily pull out flasks so they, along with Rory and Lorelai, can have a toast. Where are they having this toast?
in front of the original Yale mascot
in the parking lot
in the common room of Rory's dorm
in front of the statue of Eli Yale
By way of explanation.....
said mascot is a taxidermied dog
8. The Gilmores run into this person while tailgating.
Asher Fleming
Pennilyn Lott, Richard's college sweetheart
Richard's college nemesis
9. Luke realizes that Brennon is more of a problem than he anticipated after seeing:
Kirk picketing outside the diner
Brennon wiping his nose on a napkin which he then hands to a customer
his regular customers standing in line for lunch at Weston's
customers walking out of the diner without eating, immediately after dealing with Brennon
10. Emily is angry at Richard after a trip to the bathroom - why?
Lorelai mentions that Richard doesn't seem to want to be associated with Emily at the game
she realizes that Rory would rather be watching the game with her friends than with her family
she overhears Richard's ex asking Lorelai about the inn
a woman asks her about Richard's romantic status, not realizing who Emily is
11. So, how did Pennilyn know that Lorelai is opening an inn?
Richard had mentioned it in the Alumni newsletter
Richard has been having a yearly lunch with her since he and Emily married
Lorelai had run into her in the parking lot and had mentioned it then
she is on the board of the Connecticut Lodging Association and had seen Lorelai's name on some paperwork
12. Emily blames Lorelai for the discovery that Richard still associates with Pennilyn. This causes Lorelai to:
call Jason and accept his dinner invitation
accuse Pennilyn of still having feelings for Richard
tell Emily that she is trying to sabotage her marriage
force Rory to leave the game too, as she doesn't want to leave by herself
13. Jason and Lorelai leave the restaurant before they've even ordered, because something makes Lorelai uncomfortable - what?
the waiter keeps hitting on her
Jason informs her that he hates Chinese food
they are seated in a quiet private room, separated from all other patrons
a server spills red wine all over Lorelai's dress
14. Lorelai and Jason are both hungry; their quest for food leads them here.
Burger King
a supermarket
a diner
a gas station
15. Lorelai and Jason sneak into the back room of the store to find this item that Lorelai wanted.
Frosted Flakes
Circus Peanuts
16. Rory calls Lorelai to get the scoop on the date with Jason, and sees something as she's hanging up the phone - ________.
Jess walking towards her
Emily and Richard fighting outside of her dorm
a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer
Paris making out with Asher Fleming

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