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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E19: Keg! Max!
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1. Home on a Friday night with nothing to do for the first time in years, Lorelai and Rory are surprised to discover:
nobody is answering the phone
Emily and Richard are throwing a party at their house
Christopher is eating Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard
Emily is on her way over to the house to see Rory
2. Lorelai is given a letter by Chilton, asking her to participate in a Booster Club event. Why does she decide to help out?
she feels bad that she hasn't been more involved during Rory's Chilton years
she's afraid Rory will not be given graduation tickets or her diploma if she refuses
she has an issue with Headmaster Charleston and figures this will be the perfect opportunity to confront him
she hopes she will see Max again
3. Lane's band can't agree on a name on the heels of their first gig. Which of the following is NOT one of the names suggested?
"The We"
"The Harry Potters"
"Follow Them To The Edge of the Desert"
"The Unknown"
4. Lorelai and Sookie make Luke, who is checking out the inn's burned kitchen, uncomfortable by talking about ______ in his presence.
his butt
Sookie's pregnancy
Lorelai's sexual history
going bra shopping
By way of explanation.....
Sookie had accidentally rested her hand on Luke's butt as he looked at the stove
5. What does Lorelai give to Luke as a way to thank him for looking at the kitchen, and for "parading that nice butt around here"?
a coupon for dinner on her at the inn (to be used at a later date, once the inn is up and running again)
a $5 bill
a room for him and Nicole at the inn for the night, on the house
a cup of coffee
6. Michel volunteered to lay off an inn employee for Lorelai, but wound up _______ instead.
hiring the man as his personal chef and housekeeper
giving him a raise
begging Lorelai to reconsider
adopting 2 of the man's rescue puppies
7. What happened because Lorelai was late to arrive to the Booster Club meeting?
she was voted Grad Night treasurer by the other parents
she was told she had to chaperone the school dances for the rest of the year
she was locked out of the building
she was put on 3 more short-staffed committees
8. Lorelai is a bit thrown off when Max, the faculty advisor, walks into the Booster Club meeting. She's more thrown off by the fact that:
he openly flirted with the Chilton mom sitting next to her
he treated Lorelai the same way he treated everyone else at the meeting, as though they had no history
he pretended to not know Lorelai at all
he announced to the rest of the Booster Club parents that Lorelai had broken off their engagement
9. After hearing Lorelai's version of her run-in with Max, Sookie can't stop wondering if:
Lorelai really kissed Max the last time she saw him, or whether she imagined she did
Max is trying to tell Lorelai that he wants to try again
Lorelai slept with him and is withholding that information
Lorelai feels guilty about kissing him
10. Jess discovers he won't be graduating from Stars Hollow High after:
taking to the guidance counselor in the lunch room
signing up for the senior trip to NYC
trying to buy prom tickets
Luke gets a letter in the mail
11. What favor does Lane ask of Rory before the band's set begins?
keep Young Chui occupied and out of her way
keep Dave and Young Chui in different rooms
don't let it slip that Lane loves Dave
keep her away from any alcohol
12. Lorelai picks up additional duties at the inn due to the layoffs, and it ends up being uncomfortable for her when:
she drops a pot of coffee on a guest
she forgets the steps involved in cleaning an empty bedroom
she falls asleep on the job while talking to Michel
she ends up doing turndown service for Luke and Nicole
13. Lorelai finds Max in his classroom when he doesn't show up for the latest Booster Club meeting. She thinks there might still something between them, and wonders why he seems to be avoiding her. What does Max think?
they should kiss again
they should never see each other again
they should start dating again
Lorelai should talk to Rory first and see what she thinks
14. Lane enjoys access to the party keg while the band is on their break between sets, and takes the opportunity to ______ while drunk.
tell Zach and Brian about her relationship with Dave
break up with Young Chui
call her mother and confess her love for Dave and her involvement with the band
dance on the table
15. Jess and Dean get into a fistfight at the party after Rory comes downstairs crying. What caused her to be upset?
Jess became upset after Rory rebuffed his sexual advances
Jess called her by another girl's name and then claimed she was paranoid when she became upset
Jess told her she is acting like she wants to be with Dean
Jess broke up with her

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