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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E01: Ballrooms & Biscotti
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1. Rory apparently gave Babette an itinerary before she and Lorelai left for Europe. This might not have been the best idea - why?
Babette gave a copy to everyone in town
Babette called numerous consulates after Rory and Lorelai didn't return on the scheduled date
because Babette knew when they'd be arriving home, she had a welcoming committee waiting in their house
Babette had hopped on a plane to join them on their trip
2. Lorelai has planned a fun-filled week for her and Rory before Rory heads off to Yale. Part of the week's plans include watching _______.
the Godfather trilogy
home videos from when Rory was a baby
Golden Girls reruns
video highlights from their trip
3. Luke is yelling at Taylor - again - in the middle of Taylor's newly-opened soda shop. Why is Luke so angry at him?
Taylor rented out the shop to someone else without asking or informing Luke
Taylor put a window in between the diner and soda shop without asking the landlord (Luke)
Taylor is stealing some of Luke's customers by adding a food menu to his soda shop
Luke doesn't have a reason - he is angry at Taylor just for existing
4. Lorelai realizes something while watching Luke and Taylor fighting - what?
she and Rory forgot to bring Luke home a souvenir from their trip
she is really attached to Luke when he's angry
she missed his pancakes while they were in Europe, and wants him to head back to the dinner to cook her some pancakes
she left his gift - an air horn - on the plane home from London
5. Jackson's wearing a pin on his shirt which alerts people to the fact that he:
wants his future child to be named Robin, regardless of the baby's sex
is looking for new business, as his vegetables are thriving
is going on paternity leave after the baby is born
doesn't want to know the sex of his baby until he or she is born
By way of explanation.....
Sookie, however, knows it's a boy
6. What is the item that Lorelai plans to give to Luke, hoping he will believe it came from Europe?
a doorknob from Mrs. Kim's shop
a coffee mug from Goodwill
jam from Jackson's pantry
a tote bag from the airport gift store
7. Why *were* Rory and Lorelai late in arriving home from their trip?
they went to Ireland to see if Bono would show up at the hotel he owns
they decided to take a detour and their rental car broke down, stranding them for an extra day
Rory met a cute guy in Madrid and wanted to spend a few more days with him
Lorelai temporarily lost their passports before they were set to fly back home, causing them to miss their original flight
By way of explanation.....
He did not.
8. Boy, Taylor's not making friends in Stars Hollow these days. Why's Rory upset with him?
he's been gossiping about the reason Rory and Jess broke up
he assumed she'd want to earn money before leaving for school, so he gave her a job at Doose's without telling her
he signed her up to be "Ice Cream Queen" at his soda shop grand opening without asking her first
he made Lorelai cry, yelling about her lousy parking job in front of his market
9. Rory's in a panic after discovering:
Yale orientation is in 2 days, not the next week as she had thought
Jess is back in town
she has forgotten important Yale paperwork in a Roman hotel room
she has been accidentally placed in the male freshman dorm
10. Lorelai has trouble getting out of the beauty supply shop after Kirk the cashier:
expresses his disappointment that she and Rory didn't bring him a gift from Europe
forces Lorelai to tell him EVERYTHING that happened on the trip
talks incessantly about Taylor
asks her for help in dyeing his hair
11. Lorelai tries convincing Kirk not to close up the beauty supply store to do this.
become a sperm donor
get a tattoo
go parasailing
jump out of an airplane
By way of explanation.....
Taylor paid him $20 to jump out of a plane at the soda shop grand opening
12. Richard is annoyed when he discovers something about Rory and Lorelai's trip to Europe - what?
they didn't visit Budapest, Richard's favorite city
they didn't call or make plans with any of Richard and Emily's European friends
they didn't stay in the ritzy hotels Richard and Emily had booked for them, opting to stay in hostels instead
they hitchhiked through Europe
13. Who is helping Lorelai prepare to move Rory into Yale the next day?
Babette and Morey
14. Lorelai is shocked after learning that Luke and Nicole got married on their cruise. That's not the only surprise, though; _________.
Nicole is pregnant
Luke is selling the diner
they're getting divorced
they're moving to Hartford
15. Rory calls Lorelai, informing her that Emily has taken Rory hostage. What are they doing when Lorelai arrives to take Rory home?
learning how to knit
watching old ballroom dancing competitions
playing showtunes on the piano
looking through old photo albums

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