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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E18: Happy Birthday, Baby
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1. What is the name of the meal Richard prepares for the Gilmore Friday night dinner?
Leftovers Stew
Johnny Machete
Rickety Cricket
By way of explanation.....
his grandmother used to make him the meal to cheer him up when he was sad.
2. Emily and Richard do not initially seem thrilled with Rory's announcement that she's going to Yale, but come around once:
Lorelai assures them she's also happy about the news
Rory and Lorelai start singing the fight song
they realize she will still be able to attend Friday night dinners
they discover how much the news annoys Lorelai
3. Lorelai, Michel, Sookie and night manager Tobin brainstorm on how to keep the inn open while renovations are being done. Lorelai balks at Michel's suggestion to:
close the inn until renovations are done
turn the inn into more of a bed-and-breakfast
let him take a vacation while everyone else works overtime
throw a fundraiser to get enough money for renovations
4. What does Luke give to Lorelai every year for her birthday?
free coffee at the diner for the week of her birthday
a home cooked dinner, with cherry pie for dessert
10 coupons allowing her to make fun of him with no reply on his part
5 free hours of handyman work around the house
5. Rory's planning a huge birthday party for Lorelai's birthday; what part of the planning does Lane get a kick out of?
Rory pretending that Lorelai is still 29 years old
Mrs. Kim helping out by making party decisions
Rory needing to hide supplies at Lane's house, when usually it's the other way around
the party will be the band's first official gig
6. Rory is pleased when she learns that Jess ______.
looked up online the distance between Stars Hollow and Yale
is applying to Yale as well
wants to have a more civil relationship with Lorelai
has bought her a surprise gift
7. Nicole asks Luke to sit down at her table while she's at the diner; she'd like to talk to him about something. What does she want?
she'd like him to think about moving in together
she'd like him to meet her parents while they are visiting
she's going to San Francisco on a business trip and would like him to join her
she thinks they should take a break and see other people
8. Paris finally returns to Chilton - with her nose bandaged up. What happened?
her nanny's son accidentally hit her in the face with a baseball bat
she had a nose job
she pierced her nose and had an allergic reaction to the earring
nothing - she thought bandaging her nose would distract everyone so they'd forget about her meltdown on C-SPAN
9. How does Luke know for sure that Jess is skipping school?
one of Jess's teachers goes to the diner to see why he hasn't been to class for the last month
Jess admitted it to Luke while they were fighting about school
Jess told Rory, who told Lorelai, who told Luke
Luke saw Jess leaving school and followed his car to Wal-mart
10. Why is Jackson upset with Rory?
she didn't consult Sookie the chef about making the "world's largest pizza"
she is having the party on a day that Jackson and Sookie can't attend
she didn't invite him to Lorelai's party - only Sookie got an invitation
he hates the choice of vegetables being put on Lorelai's pizza
By way of explanation.....
"I have a sobbing pregnant woman at home - which is not unusual. Except this time I didn't cause it!"
11. What does Richard give to Lorelai during their meeting at a cafe?
keys to a new car
the deed to the Gilmore summer home in Martha's Vineyard
a check for $75,000
a diamond pendant
By way of explanation.....
he made a real estate investment in her name when she was born; the property was sold
12. Pete from the pizza shop calls Rory with some bad news - there's problems with making a giant pizza. The trial pizza made by Pete resulted in ______.
the shop catching on fire
Kirk getting severe "cheese burns"
Doose's Market running out of all kinds of cheese
Luke's truck being covered in pizza sauce
13. Luke tries getting Jess to admit that he's skipping school and working full-time by:
offering Jess more money to work at the diner
saying the Stars Hollow High principal has called him in for a meeting
lying about exams that he says all Stars Hollow High students had to take the previous week
telling Jess he is thinking about getting a part-time job at Wal-Mart
14. Luke makes a horrible first impression with Nicole's parents; he starts ranting after Nicole's mother talks about _______.
their wealth
the joy of having children
her unease at his having been a bachelor for so long
her sports car
15. What does Lorelai do at her birthday dinner that angers Emily?
she tells Emily how much she hates growing up with her and Richard as parents
she throws a tantrum because Christopher has been invited
she gives Emily a check for monies owed for Rory's Chilton tuition
she informs her parents that she won't be attending Friday night dinners for the next month, as a birthday present to herself
16. Richard's angry about Lorelai's gesture too - why?
he wanted Lorelai to spend the money on herself, not on something practical
Lorelai was supposed to wait a week to cash the original check and she clearly didn't listen
he claims Lorelai was supposed to keep the news of the money a secret
he didn't think that Friday night dinner was the appropriate time to be discussing repayment of the Chilton loan

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