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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E04: Chicken or Beef?
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1. Rory arrives home for an unannounced visit to find a surprise - what?
a kitten sleeping on the coffee table
a security alarm blaring when she opens the front door
Lorelai and a mystery man in a compromising position on the couch
a broken coffee maker in the kitchen trash
2. Lorelai is initially too distracted by _________ to turn off the alarm.
Rory's shirt, which had once been Lorelai's
a spider
someone knocking at the front door
Rory's new haircut
3. Rory accidentally discovers that Dean and Lindsay's wedding is taking place that weekend in the middle of town square. She immediately runs to get some support from this person.
4. Rory attempts to help when Lane, Zack and Brian are arguing about:
their band name
whether a true rock-and-roller goes to college
how the band should dress while on stage
the fact that Mrs. Kim was mean to them when they arrived
5. Sookie tells Lorelai about an angry call she received from Michel. Why is he so angry?
he thinks Lorelai and Sookie are forcing him out of the plans for the new inn
he hates the name for the new inn and thinks it should be changed
he thinks it's taking too long for Dragonfly renovations to begin
his visa is expiring and he has to move back to France
6. Lorelai is upset after receiving a piece of urgent mail. What is it?
a letter from Yale financial aid, indicating that Emily and Richard are not paying Rory's tuition
a cease and desist letter, preventing her from starting work on the inn
a house foreclosure notice
a jury duty notice
7. Taylor, perhaps in a effort to delay Lorelai's problem resolution, announces at the town meeting that a local 4th grader was runner-up in the CT State Story Writing Contest. What is the name of the child's story?
The Happiest Doughnut
Peter the Perky Puppy
Sharing is Caring
The Stars in the Hollow
8. Dean and his friends show up at Luke's, drunk, after Round 1 of the bachelor party:
sneaking into a strip club
drinking a case of beer in the JC Penney parking lot
stealing a bottle of Goldschlager from Stars Hollow Liquors
9. Luke gently puts an end to Dean's bachelor party after:
one of Dean's friends vomits on the table
a drunken Dean mutters Rory's name
the police stop by the diner to talk to Dean's buddy
Dean passes out in front of the diner
10. What does Dean ask Luke immediately before passing out in Luke's apartment?
"Should I call off the wedding?"
"Are you in love with Lorelai?"
"Where am I?"
"Why didn't she love me?"
11. Taylor puts Lorelai through more trouble than usual, giving her a hard time about what part of the Dragonfly Inn that is in need of repair?
the porch
the mailbox
the front door
the horse stables
12. Lorelai really wants Taylor to lay off, and to give approval so construction on the inn can begin. Taylor wants something too - what?
he wants to move into the space above the ice cream shop
he wants to be able to park an ice cream truck partially in front of Luke's Diner
he wants to advertise his ice cream shop by putting up flyers in Luke's Diner
he wants to hold historical committee meetings at the Dragonfly once it's finished
13. Lorelai runs to Luke's to beg him to accept Taylor's request. Why is Luke so confused?
Luke had already told Taylor yes
Taylor had not asked Luke about it; this was the first Luke had heard about an ice cream truck
Taylor's ice cream truck was already parked in front of the diner
Luke and Taylor already had a meeting set up to discuss that very issue
14. Rory decides not to go to Dean and Lindsay's wedding after all. What causes her to change her mind?
Luke asks her not to go
she realizes she still has feelings for him
Jess shows up in Stars Hollow
Lorelai can't decide on am appropriate gift and Rory refuses to show up without a gift in hand
15. Kirk, who has turned off the faulty security system in Lorelai's house, lets her know he looks out for her because he wants her to be safe. What else does he do to "look out for her"?
installs security cameras outside her house
taps into her phone lines
follows her through town in his security vehicle
hires security guards to stand outside her property

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