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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E08: Die, Jerk
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1. Jason had company gifts manufactured for the clients on the Atlantic City trip which Emily found to be "heinous". Richard saved one for Lorelai and Rory. What were they?
mini roulette wheels
bottles of Scotch
picture frames
2. Rory's disappointed when her latest article for the Yale Daily News wasn't put in the paper. Why didn't editor Doyle print the article?
Paris told him not to
he ran out of room
he thought the article was high school quality
her writing made him yawn
3. Why isn't Michel allowed inside Sookie's house for a Dragonfly business meeting?
he refused to take off his shoes
he sneezed 5 days ago
Sookie's midwife (now her lactation consultant) thinks Jackson should be the only man to set foot inside the house
he has no interest in holding, or even seeing, baby Davey
4. So, yeah, Sookie's midwife Bruce is baaaack. Why does she scold Lorelai this time?
Lorelai rolled her eyes at something Bruce said
Lorelai talked "baby talk" to little Davey
Lorelai is giving off "anti-lactation vibes"
Lorelai disregarded Bruce's wishes and invited Michel into the house so the meeting could begin
5. Lorelai and Rory *hate* the ballet that Rory's has to review. Who was the cause of their opinion that the ballet was so horrible?
the out of tune orchestra
the lead ballerina
the set designer
an usher
6. Lorelai walks into Luke's for lunch and gets really flustered, as a result of:
running into Nicole there
accidentally walking in on Kirk going to the bathroom
Luke announcing he's out of coffee
Taylor... being Taylor
7. Lane tells Rory that she fought with Dave - the fight was brought on by something Mrs. Kim wanted to send to Dave in CA. The gift from Mrs. Kim was something that Lane referred to growing up as:
"the marriage jug"
"the naughty frog"
"the sex box"
"the scary vase"
8. Lorelai makes her feelings about Luke and Nicole's "weird" relationship quite clear to Luke. She keeps using this word in conversation that Luke had used when discussing why the divorce was being put on hold.
9. So, who was the "die, jerk" on the whiteboard meant for, and who wrote it?
Rory; the lead ballerina in the review Rory wrote for the paper
Janet; Paris
Paris; a classmate in her Russian literature class who Paris belittled in front of the instructor
Tana; a guy living upstairs who she rebuffed when he asked her out
10. Richard is amazed at something that Jason has helped him to acquire, but Emily thinks it's just silly. What is it?
a bongo
an mp3 player
A Swiss army knife
11. Jason and Lorelai disagree on whether Jason will be able to do this.
get a compliment from Emily
get himself invited to Friday night dinner
get Emily to admit the Atlantic City trip was a good idea
get Richard to understand how the internet works
12. Rory tells Lorelai about her incident with the angry ballerina, and is surprised by Lorelai's reaction:
she thinks Rory was "too soft"
she questions whether Rory really wants to write for the Yale Daily News
she thinks the article was very harsh
she points out some grammatical errors that Rory and Doyle missed during editing
13. Jason temporarily gets on Emily's good side by asking her for _________.
restaurant recommendations for "potential clients" (or so he says)
dating advice
use of her jazz CDs
her opinion on the best show currently playing in NYC
14. Rory begs Doyle for another chance to review the ballet, as she feels guilty about being so harsh. Doyle gives her a few reasons who this won't be happening, including:
the ballerina transferred out of Yale out of sheer embarrassment
the show closed early as a result of Rory's scathing review
rewrites are strictly forbidden
the ballerina served Rory and the rest of the paper's staff with a restraining order
15. Lane confronts her mother about the marriage jug, saying she can't send it to Dave just yet. She's surprised by her mother's reaction. What happens?
Mrs. Kim is visibly disappointed at the news that Lane and Dave may not marry
Mrs. Kim admits she forgot all about the jug's meaning
Mrs. Kim says she lied about the meaning of the jug to stop Lane from crying
Mrs. Kim starts to cry; she can't believe her baby is old enough to be considering a lifelong commitment
By way of explanation.....
"You were always crying."

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