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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E10: The Nanny and the Professor
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1. Lorelai and Rory are discussing this on the way to Luke's.
the difference between second cousins and cousins once removed
the potential new color of the living room walls
the plural of the word "cul de sac"
the exact number of steps from their house to the diner
2. Why does Luke think his new employee Lane isn't going to work out?
she's "too good"
Mrs. Kim keeps hovering to make sure Lane isn't socializing with any men while she's working
she is "too perky"
she's bringing in too many rock and rollers, not the kind of crowd Stars Hollow is used to
3. Michel is annoyed to see former Independence Inn employee Tobin at Sookie's house while he's there for a Dragonfly meeting. Why IS Tobin there?
he's baby Davey's nanny
he's hiding from the police
he needed a place to live and Sookie offered up a spare bedroom
Sookie offered him a job at the Dragonfly, so he's there for the staff meeting
4. What is the food item brought back from an overseas trip that Emily and Richard love, but Lorelai and Rory think is disgusting?
spotted dick
blood pudding
5. What is the name of the game that Michel invented to stop Davey's incessant crying?
Funny Faces
Baby Crepe
Hide and Speak
Bouncy Babe
6. Not only is Michel worried about the fact he accidentally rolled Davey under the bed, but he's concerned the baby will hold _____ against him.
Michel considering leaving him under the bed
Michel thinking the baby's name is Truman
Michel calling Lorelai for help instead of Sookie/Jackson
Michel hating Tobin
7. What is the very specific command that Jason has taught his dog?
"look disinterested"
"hop on one leg"
"a little to the left"
8. Lorelai isn't sure what to make of one of Jason's quirks. What does he do that throws her off a bit?
he asks her to sleep in the guest room
he sets a timer when she gets into the shower
he tells her she's not allowed up on the second floor
he carries his dog with him everywhere so the pooch's paws don't touch the floor
9. Paris tries talking to Rory about Asher, but Rory wants nothing to do with that conversation. She's annoyed that this is being discussed in the middle of the night, and that:
Paris is cheating on an honorable guy like Jamie
she lied to Doyle about Paris's whereabouts after he noticed her gone during orientation
this puts her in a weird position the next time she has lunch with Richard
Paris is "throwing herself" at a professor so she can get better grades
10. What favor does Lorelai ask of Jason?
don't tell Emily and Richard that they are dating
consider letting her move into the guest room permanently
speak highly of her when talking to her parents
let Emily throw a company function at the house
11. Lorelai arrives for Friday night dinner to find this is going on in the Gilmore house.
a screaming match between Emily and the maid
a walking tour of the house for the historical society
a party for the clients of Richard and Jason's company
a memorial service
12. What news does Emily share that privately bothers Lorelai?
she overheard Jason speaking ill of Lorelai
Jason mentioned that he has never been attracted to brunettes
Jason's ex-wife is in town and will be staying with him
Jason brought a date to a charity function the previous night
13. Lorelai and Sookie tease Michel about his extensive knowledge of this TV character.
Homer Simpson
14. What example does Jason use to prove how much he'd rather bring Lorelai to functions than Crystal, his usual date?
Crystal thinks there's no such thing as too short a hem line
Crystal thought Babe the pig could really talk
Crystal thought Harry Potter was a real person
Crystal's favorite popsicle flavor is "blue"
15. Rory seems a bit uncomfortable when she discovers:
Asher Fleming is teaching one of her courses
Jamie is waiting for Paris in front of the suite
Paris and Asher having sex on the common room couch that Emily purchased
Paris is having a panic attack over the thought of seeing two men simultaneously

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