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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E20: Say Goodnight, Gracie
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1. How does Lorelai discover that the fight at Rory's classmate's house was over Rory?
Rory admits as much to Lorelai
she and Rory run into Luke at the classmate's house
Dean calls Rory to apologize for his actions at the party
Jess calls Lorelai for bail money
2. What did Mrs. Kim have to say when Lane arrived home drunk after the party?
she's disowning Lane
she's sending Lane to Seventh-Day Adventist college the day after high school ends
she refuses to let Lane attend the prom, regardless of who she brings as her date
nothing - which is causing Lane to freak out
3. Taylor shows up at Luke's Diner with an announcement - what?
he's opening up a second Doose's Market across town
he has decided to move out of Stars Hollow
his house has been egged again, and he insists on knowing the culprit's name
his candy and soda shop grand opening is the next day
4. While working on the final issue of the Franklin, Rory seems a bit sad while:
thinking about how her time in high school is coming to an end
discussing prom plans with Paris, Madeline and Louise
talking to Max Medina about Lorelai
looking at a picture of her and Jess
5. What do Sookie and Lorelai discover while out and about in Stars Hollow?
Fran, owner of Weston's Bakery, has died
Luke has closed the diner for the day without explanation
Mrs. Kim has been in a fender-bender
Taylor and Kirk are fighting about decorations for the grand opening of the soda shop
6. What does Sookie worry about after hearing the news of Fran's passing?
whether Sookie and Lorelai somehow "wished" Fran dead, due to their desire to own the Dragonfly Inn
whether they will be able to make the funeral and service, given they are short-staffed at the Independence Inn
whether Taylor will decide he wants to own another business in town (the inn)
whether Fran knew how much the townsfolk loved her
7. Why does Dave Rygalski want to speak to Mrs. Kim?
he wants her to know that he is a good guy who likes Lane, and wants to take Lane to the prom
he wants a higher rate of pay from her when he plays Christian music at her house
he wants to let her know he wants Lane to go to college with him
he would like to be hired part-time at the antiques shop
8. Dave and Lane are confused by Mrs. Kim's reply - why?
she spoke in a language that neither of them recognize
she said both "yes" and "no" in the same sentence
she quoted a work and Lane and Dave have no idea where it's from or what it means
she seemed to not realize that Dave was asking to go to prom with Lane
9. A customer had left his wallet in the diner earlier and Luke found it. Luke later returns the wallet to its rightful owner:
Luke's long-lost brother
a private investigator
Max Medina
Jess's father
10. Miss Patty's really upset about Fran's death. She tells Lorelai that it makes her realize what's important in life; namely, _________.
she's glad she's had so much sex
she feels fortunate to have worked with so many famous people
she wants to drink more wine
she knows she's lucky to have known Lorelai and Rory
11. The moment of silence in honor of Fran at her service is interrupted by:
Kirk and his Charlie horse
a marching band
a group of protesters
a rogue parrot
By way of explanation.....
they apparently didn't get the memo that Taylor's Grand Opening had been postponed
12. Rory meets up with Dean after Fran's service, and he has some news to share - what?
he's moving back to Chicago
he's decided not to go to college
he's opening his own business in Stars Hollow
he and Lindsay are engaged
13. Mrs. Kim gives Dave her permission to take Lane to the prom after he:
admits he stayed up all night reading the Bible cover to cover
gets on his hands and knees and begs
offers to play music for her religious services free of charge for 6 months
says he went to the library to try and find the source she quoted
By way of explanation.....
Mrs Kim had quoted Shakespeare, not the Bible
14. Lorelai and Sookie discuss buying the Dragonfly Inn with Fran's lawyer, who is a bit busy at the time ______.
helping carry Fran's casket around Stars Hollow
giving the eulogy
fighting a case in front of a judge
being rushed to the hospital
15. How does Jess learn his father is in town to see him?
Luke tells him about the wallet
his father stops by the closed diner to talk to Jess
Miss Patty tells Kirk, who tells Lorelai, who tells Jess
Jess's mother stops by to talk to him about it
16. After a conversation about _______ makes Rory angry, she tells Lorelai about what happened with Jess at the party (aka "the thing in Kyle's bedroom").
dinner at Luke's
car repairs
prom dresses
graduation tickets
17. Luke tells Jess he needs to leave after Jess says he _______.
refuses to repeat his senior year of high school
wishes Luke had never been born
wants to move back in with his mother
is planning on breaking up with Rory
18. What is Jess hiding from Rory during their conversation on a city bus?
his duffel bag
his new girlfriend
a plane ticket
his fake ID

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