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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E05: The Fundamental Things Apply
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1. Rory arrives home to find Lorelai doing something unexpected - what?
planting flower bulbs
baking cookies
cleaning the house
balancing her checkbook
2. After rushing to the dining hall to get breakfast because Paris had shut off her alarm, Rory meets up with Marty, the guy who was passed out naked in her hallway. Marty had seen her before in the dining hall, but chose this time to speak to her - why?
his friends bet him $100 he wouldn't speak to her
she was in her bathrobe
he made eye contact with her
they both wound up choosing the same breakfast, which he took as a sign
By way of explanation.....
he figured that "evened the playing field", since she had seen him naked
3. Luke tries to make Lorelai leave the diner, as she's talking on her cell phone. What is she trying to do while on the phone at Luke's?
hire movers to haul a new bed to Rory's dorm room
find a designer for the inn
flirt with a man she's interested in
crank call the diner's phone
4. Lorelai thinks that when talking about guys, "sweet" is code for:
"dirt poor"
"mama's boy"
"big nose"
"bad butt"
5. What excuse does Rory give Lorelai as to why she said no to Trevor, the classmate who asked her out to dinner?
he has a feminine sounding laugh
he uses a handkerchief to blow his nose
he carries a water bottle around with him all the time
he talks with a lisp
6. Lorelai is impressed with Natalie, a potential inn designer, until she discovers:
Natalie is one of Christopher's ex-girlfriends
she knew Natalie in high school; they were enemies
Natalie redecorated Emily's house the previous year
Natalie is also working for a competitor's inn
7. Sookie and Jackson have decided on a name for their baby: Davey. That's better than the family name that Jackson, who doesn't know that he and Sookie are having a boy, wants to name the baby if it is a girl: ______.
8. Luke is in an especially foul mood, yelling at a friend who comes into the diner to pick up something Luke was giving to him. What has Luke in such a bad mood?
he had bought Yankees tickets for him and Nicole, but since they are divorcing, he had to give the tickets away
Nicole's divorce layers are still hounding him incessantly
he's in danger of losing the diner as a result of the divorce settlement
today is Nicole's birthday
9. Luke says that buying the Yankees tickets broke his own rule: _____.
never buy gifts for a girlfriend
never plan for anything more than 2 days in advance
never fall for a Yankees fan
keep gifts on the simple side - nothing too fancy
10. Lorelai sneaks out of Emily's house and back into her Jeep after hearing that Rory's going to be late to arrive for dinner. When Emily finds her inside the Jeep, Lorelai claims she was:
looking for spare change
about to call her dry cleaners
checking her gas gauge
looking for her lip gloss
11. Emily's upset with Lorelai, this time because Lorelai didn't share this news with her.
Sookie's pregnant
the Dragonfly renovations have begun
Luke is married/getting divorced
Lorelai is looking for a new car
By way of explanation.....
Emily finds it "unforgivable" that Lorelai didn't tell her this news.
12. Roommates Paris and Janet have been fighting a lot lately, mostly due to Paris's issue with:
what time Janet sets her alarm for in the morning
Janet's boyfriend
her Abnormal Psych professor, who asks Paris questions about Janet every chance he gets
Janet throwing her dirty clothes on Paris's craft table
13. Lorelai mocks Luke during movie night at her house when he asks a question about:
the buttons on the remote control
Casablanca (he has no idea who Humphrey Bogart is)
the number of calories in the bag of marshmallows Lorelai has consumed
the FBI warning at the beginning of the video
14. Rory attempts to make small talk with her date, but it goes poorly. What does Rory discuss with an uncomfortable Trevor?
"urine mints"
genital warts
By way of explanation.....
Hey folks, please be sure to wash your hands before taking mints out a restaurant's communal bowl, 'kay?
15. Rory calls Lorelai in a panic in the middle of her disastrous date. What's Luke's suggestion for helping her feel more comfortable during the date?
say she feels a draft and move to the opposite side of the table, across from her date
discreetly write pertinent information about him on her hand when he's not looking
imagine him sitting at table in his underwear
ask him about his favorite sports team and hope he talks about them until the end of the date
16. Rory is disappointed when a guy she meets _______ rejects her request to go out for a cup of coffee.
in the dining hall
at a party
in the laundry room
in her Philosophy class

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