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Addams Family, The: 1/9/11 71.92%[17.98/25]        Comments
The cinematic version of the TV classic introduced a new generation to the morbid world of the Addamses, complete with a walking hand and real Cousin Itt.
Air Force One 2/16/09 69.96%[17.49/25]        Comments
Starring as US President James Marshall, Ford did his best John McClane as he attempted to thwart a band of terrorists led by Gary Oldman.
Aladdin 8/12/09 73.58%[17.66/24]        Comments
The number one film of 1992, with over 500 million dollars in worldwide box-office, was Aladdin.
American Beauty 11/18/08 68.88%[17.22/25]        Comments
Long before Alan Ball brought us True Blood and amazed audiences with his ambitious Six Feet Under, the screenwriter took Hollywood by storm in penning 1999's American Beauty.
American History X 7/2/11 68.32%[17.08/25]        Comments
American History X is a powerful story of a man's hope for redemption and quest to live with out hate. How well do you know American History X?
American Pie 7/20/05 73.00%[14.60/20]        Comments
Ah, horny teenagers. Back in the innocent days of 1999, the Weitz brothers gave us this surprisingly sweet look at friendship and sexual frustration.
American President, The: 2/16/06 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
In 1995, Rob Reiner, Michael Douglas and Annette Bening teamed up on a charming, if highly idealized, look at a sitting President's search for love.
Apollo 13 11/9/06 60.65%[12.13/20]        Comments
The dramatic retelling of the Apollo 13 space mission is one of the finest movies of the 1990s.
Armageddon 11/20/08 77.10%[23.13/30]        Comments
When a ginormous asteroid is coming straight for Earth and there's only 18 days until all life on our planet ends, what do you do?
As Good as It Gets 4/24/11 71.64%[17.91/25]        Comments
Melvin Udall is a rude, racist, grumpy old bigot - that's on a good day. All that changes when a sweet little dog enters his life.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1/13/11 76.77%[23.03/30]        Comments
British gentleman spy Austin Powers, frozen since the '60s, wakes up in the '90s to a world without communism, psychedelic drugs or free love.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 2/15/11 71.67%[21.50/30]        Comments
In the spirit of the Austin Powers movies, this quiz will recycle as many questions as possible from the last Austin Powers quiz.
Backdraft 7/13/11 81.32%[20.33/25]        Comments
Backdraft takes you right into the flames and puts you in the hot seat, as two brothers battle their ways through fires and each other to find a mad arsonist on the loose.
Bad Boys 6/22/11 66.32%[16.58/25]        Comments
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in this 1995 action-packed thrill ride as two cops from Miami on the hunt for stolen drugs and one bad-ass French dude.
Batman Returns 11/28/07 68.95%[13.79/20]        Comments
A tale of the misunderstood, the vengeful and the heavily-costumed, Tim Burton's Batman Returns was the last decent Batman film for a loooooooong time.
Beauty and the Beast 5/12/11 83.75%[16.75/20]        Comments
In true Disney fashion, it is complete with lavish musical numbers, rich animation and a cold-hearted villain.
Before Sunrise 7/2/13 81.40%[20.35/25]        Comments
Yes, it's the film that started it all! Test your knowledge on the movie that gave us all the adventures of Jesse and Celine!
Benny & Joon 4/16/13 89.00%[22.25/25]        Comments
Johnny Depp shows impeccable comedic timing in the sweet sleeper hit Benny and Joon.
Big Lebowski, The: 9/26/07 68.80%[13.76/20]        Comments
The Coen Brothers' followup to Fargo was considered a bit of a disappointment when it first came out, but since then it has quickly become a classic.
Birdcage, The: 3/20/11 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
What do you get when you put two Jewish liberal gay lovers in a room with two right-wing conservatives for one night?
Blade 7/30/09 75.15%[20.29/27]        Comments
In 1998, Wesley Snipes and Stephen Norrington took a throwaway Marvel comic book character and transformed him into an unbelievably kick ass superhero.
Bodyguard, The: 6/30/15 72.45%[14.49/20]        Comments
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston teamed up for 1992's The Bodyguard. Perhaps you have heard of it.
Bone Collector, The: 9/30/14 78.85%[15.77/20]        Comments
It was the highly effective teaming of Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. See how well you remember this late 90s crime thriller.
Boyz n the Hood 11/5/11 75.05%[15.01/20]        Comments
Either they don't know, don't show or don't care what's going on in the hood. . Written and directed by John Singleton, this film delivers a powerful message.
Braveheart 8/25/09 75.08%[18.77/25]        Comments
The historical epic was brought back into fashion in 1995 by Braveheart, which despite moments of unintentional hilarity, scored five Academy awards.
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