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How Well Do You Know: The Bodyguard
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1. What is the first problem Frank observes, upon entering Rachel's property?
A security guard asleep
Sleeping guard dogs
A broken intercom
A broken security camera
2. Frank discovers how easy it is to get close to Rachel. What does he say to gain entrance into her home?
He says he's a delivery guy
He claims to be a backup dancer
He just walks in unnoticed
He gives fake names
3. Frank shows off his bad-ass skills to Rachel's manager. What does Frank specialize in?
Knife throwing
Quick draw
4. What recent threats did NOT happen to Rachel?
Someone sneaking into her home
Someone tampering with her car
Death letters
A exploding doll
5. Frank says, "no matter how incompetent the assassin, one person always manages to get hit" Who is Frank referring to?
The bodyguard
The assistant
The manager
The chauffeur
6. What job did Frank do originally?
Secret Service
Officer in military
Police officer
7. Rachel has this obnoxious jerk who followers her around named Sy. Who is Sy?
Her publicist
Her manager
Her brother
Her agent
8. Who does Rachel have working as her personal assistant?
Her daughter
Her mother
Her sister
Her brother
9. Frank has a disagreement with Rachel and has to put her in her place. He says to her, "I'm hear to keep you alive, not ______."
Take orders from you
Help you shop
Help you sell records
Be you're friend
10. What happens to Rachel when she's on stage at the dance club?
She is hit with a bottle
Shots are fired above her head
She is tackled on stage
She is pulled off stage
11. Frank gets into a altercation with Rachel's other bodyguard Tony. What is Frank doing the entire time they are fighting?
Eating a peach
Sitting down
Watching TV
Holding a cheeseburger
12. At Frank's home, Frank and Rachel have a bizarre form of foreplay. Rachel seduces him by pointing what weapon at him?
A revolver
A spear
A bow and arrow
A samurai sword
13. Rachel makes fun of Frank's favorite drink of choice. What is it?
Fruit punch
Orange juice
14. What happens to Rachel at the hotel that scares her into leaving?
A threatening letter
Someone sneaking into her room
A scary phone call
A dead animal left at her door
15. A bomb goes off at Frank's father's home. Where is the bomb cleverly placed?
In a car
In a snowmobile
In a tractor
In a boat
16. SURPRISE!! Who is the one who actually put a hit on Rachel?
Tony her bodyguard
Nicki her sister
Deveney her manager
Sy her agent
17. Who is killed at Frank's father's cabin?
The bad guy after Rachel
Henry, Rachel's chauffeur
Frank's father
18. What award show is Rachel attending where the killer is ready to strike?
The Grammy Awards
The Golden Gobes
The Academy Awards
The Emmy Awards
19. Who is discovered to be the killer after Rachel?
A friend of Frank's
Fletcher's father
20. Where do we last see Frank at the end of the film?
Guarding Rachel
Saying goodbye to Rachel
Playing with Fletcher
Standing bodyguard to someone else

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