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How Well Do You Know: The Bone Collector
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1. Denzel Washington plays a character that has what affliction?
2. Besides his head, what is the only part of the body Lincoln Rhyme can move?
His left hand
A toe
A finger
His right foot
3. How was Lincoln was paralyzed?
He was shot
A beam fell down on him
He was on a bridge that collapsed
He fell down a elevator shaft
4. What form of transportation is the kidnapper using?
A motor home
Semi truck
A van
A taxi cab
5. Amelia is called to the scene of a crime, only to find what sticking out of the ground?
A hand
A foot
A head
A headless neck
6. Why was Amelia yelled at by Captain Howard?
For interviewing a witness
For collecting evidence
For questioning a suspect
For stopping a train
7. Thelma is played by what famous female rapper?
Missy Elliott
Queen Latifah
MC Lyte
8. What keeps happening to Lincoln throughout the film?
Heart attacks
Fainting spells
9. Amelia is not to excited about working in forensics. What kind of police work does she have her heart set on?
Youth services
Drug enforcement
10. How was the second victim, the wife killed?
With fire
With steam
With poison
By drowning
11. Amelia feels bullied by Lincoln at the scene of the second murder. What horrific thing does he ask her to do?
Remove the victim's head
Saw the victim's foot off
Cut the victim in half
Saw the hands off the victim
12. The third victim's clues all point to cows. Where is the third victim located at?
A meat locker
A slaughterhouse
A barn
A farm
13. What was the third victim killed by?
Fire ants
14. All the clues from each crime scene have what common theme?
All the items are antiques
They are all made of some form of metal
They are items found under water
They are all synthetic materials
15. The pieces of paper found all come from the same source. Where do they come from?
A antique newspaper
A magazine
A crime novel
Police reports
16. From the book Amelia finds called The Bone Collector, she sees from the illustrations the last victims will be found where?
A metal factory
The pier
The sewer
A lumber yard
17. The last piece of evidence comes from a series of numbers. Where do the numbers originate from?
A apartment number
A social security number
The time and date of a crime
A police badge number
18. Besides Thelma, who is killed in front of Lincoln's doorway?
Captain Howard
Detective Paulie
Eddie Ortiz
Detective Kenny
19. Lincoln's suspicion of the killers true identity is confirmed when he notices what?
Blood on their shirt
The dust covering their shoes
Defensive wounds
Mud on their pants
20. Okay here's the kicker... who is the real killer?
Detective Paulie
Eddie Ortiz
Dr. Barry Lehman

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