How Well Do You Know: Bad Boys
A Bad Boys Trivia Quiz
By Crystal Howard
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Bad Boys Trivia Quiz

Bad Boys Bad Boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in this 1995 action-packed thrill ride as two cops from Miami on the hunt for stolen drugs and one bad-ass French dude. You may drive slow enough to drive Miss Daisy, but how well do you know Bad Boys?

The difficulty level of How Well Do You Know: Bad Boys is rated:
1 If you don't get at least half right, feel free to punch yourself in the face for us.
2 Relax and act natural, you should do fine.
3 Fanboy/fangirl obsession over the source material doesn't hurt here.
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Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Tea Leoni, Tcheky Karyo
Director: Michael Bay

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