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How Well Do You Know: Bad Boys
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1. In the opening scene, we see Mike and Marcus arguing about what Marcus did to Mike's car. What did Marcus do that was so bad to Mike's car?
Squirted ketchup on Mike's dashboard
Spilled his pop on Mike's seats
Dropped a pickle in between the seats
Dropped a french fry under the seat
2. When Marcus is beating up the big Popeye's chicken-eating man, he claims his bad-ass moves are derived for what action film?
Passenger 57
Universal Soldier
Rising Sun
Under Siege
3. The character who plays Captain Allison Sinclair from International Affairs is probably best known from what Emmy award_winning drama?
Law and Order
4. Where does Mike meet his informant Max to discuss her help on the drug bust?
A restaurant
The gym
The mall
The park
5. Marcus is grossed out after he and Mike find a dead body. Marcus wants to puke, but all Mike wants to do is get what to eat?
Chili cheese dogs
6. Max's roommate Julie is currently an out of work:
Hair dresser
7. "What is all this, it looks like Beirut." Not quite, Eddie and Max were killed in the __________ suite in the hotel.
John Dillinger
Al Capone
Bugsy Segal
John Gotti
8. How does Julie escape the bad guys in the hotel?
Jumping off the roof
Climbing down the drain pipe
Climbing down the fire escape
Climbing out a window
9. The bad guys kill Max's employer, Lois the madame. What weapon was used to kill her?
A butches knife
A nylon stocking
A crowbar
A sledge hammer
10. Julie tells Marcus, "You're not what I expected." Marcus in turns tells Julie, "Well I didn't expect to walk into ______ either."
Fenway Park
Yankee Stadium
Wrigley Field
Doger Stadium
11. What are the names of Julie's adorable dogs, who seem to have constant tummy trouble?
Maisy and Daisy
Rex and Lex
Luke and Duke
Dolly and Molly
12. Marcus decides to make Chet his deputy. Who is Chet?
The front desk clerk
The security guard
The janitor
The door man
13. Marcus had a bad night, as he was kicked out of bed by his wife. To make matters worse, he awoke the next morning with a ______ stuck up his ass.
Barbie doll
Power Ranger
Hello Kitty
GI Joe
14. Julie has a real problem with Marcus's lunch. Besides her negativity towards pickles and salt, what else shouldn't Marcus be eating?
Hot dogs
15. What's the name of the club that Fouchet's henchmen frequent?
16. Mike sure knows how to pick get-a-way cars. The ice cream truck is filled with:
17. Mike seems to always attract dangerous people. The gas station attendant pulls a gun on them, but all they want is to buy is:
Life savers and a Kit Kat
A Butterfinger and Gummi bears
Juicy fruit and Twizzlers
Bubblicious and Skittles
18. Marcus and Mike interrogate JoJo the _____ man for information about the drugs.
19. As with most action flicks, there's a high speed chase in Bad Boys. Running after Fouchet, who has kidnapped Julie, Mike races through each of the following EXCEPT what?
A beauty salon
A restaurant kitchen
A group of men in wheelchairs
A photo shoot
20. Francine the office secretary has been the one giving the criminals their information. She claims they blackmailed her by saying they would do what if she didn't help them?
Show nude photos of her
Kidnap her son
Kill her mother
Burn down her house
21. What former NBA star plays the lanky computer hacker Fletcher, who found out the criminals' information?
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Larry Johnson
John Salley
Alonzo Mouring
22. Julie is most disgusted by her captors. She even has the nerve to ask one of them if they ever:
Made it to the 5th grade
Graduated high school
Read a book
Went to college
23. Fouchet decides to put a bullet in his chemist. Why did he have to kill him?
He was stealing some drugs
He was a witness
He was no longer useful
He was f**king with his timetable
24. Where does Mike Lowery get shot in the final shoot-out with the bad guys?
In the chest
In the leg
In the arm
In the hip
25. Where does Marcus Burnett get shot in the final-shoot out?
In the butt
In the shoulder
In the chest
In the leg

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