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How Well Do You Know: Batman Returns
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1. What does the Penguin use to blackmail Max Schreck into helping him rise to power?
Shredded documents he's pieced back together
Toxic waste
A severed arm
All of the above
2. Selina receives messages on her answering machine advertising what perfume?
Metro Woman
Sex Kitten
Schreck Girl
Gotham Lady
3. What does Max Schreck say he'll do if Selina tries to blackmail him?
Kill her eight more times
Dump her into the river
Drop her out of a higher window
Cut off her arms
4. What does Oswald do to image consultant Josh?
Refuses to surrender his raw fish to him
Kicks him in the kneecap
Tasers him
Bites his nose
5. What is the name of Oswald's troupe of violent circus freaks?
Icicle Gang
Red Triangle Gang
Troupe of Freaks
Circus Circle
6. What ultimately alerts Selina and Bruce to each other's secret identity?
Scratches they gave each other
A piece of mistletoe
A mutual distrust of Schreck
Alfred lets Selina into the Bat Cave
7. What is depicted on the clock in town square?
A smiling penguin
A smiling cat
A smiling bat
Max Schreck's smiling face
8. What does Oswald challenge the current mayor to do?
Destroy Max Schreck's power plant plans
Rebuild Gotham plaza
Relight the Christmas tree
Stop global warming
9. After Selina is rescued by Batman during the Holiday choas, what does she steal from her assailant?
His gun
His taser
A kitten
His glasses
10. What Tim Burton alum plays Oswald Cobblepot's biological father?
Jeffrey Jones
Johnny Depp
Paul Reubens
Bill Murray
11. When the Ice Princess is kidnapped, who frees her from her bounds?
The Mayor
12. Why does Catwoman suggest Batman should retire?
Every woman he tries to save ends up dead.
He's getting beaten by a girl.
He's overstayed his welcome in Gotham City.
Oswald and Max have him outmatched.
13. What does Oswald threaten to do to Catwoman when she won't go along with his plans?
Have her declawed
Have her spayed
Kill her eight more times
Throw her out a window
14. When Selina destroys her apartment after being resurrected by the cats, what does she do with her stuffed animal collection?
Cuts the up using sewing shears
Burns them
Spraypaints them black
Puts them down the garbage disposal
15. Where is the switch to activate the elevator to the Bat Cave?
In a bookshelf
In the fireplace
In the fishtank
In the television remote control
16. What is Oswald's method of transportation in the sewer?
He drives the Penguinmobile.
He swims.
He uses a trapeze.
He drives a giant rubber ducky.
17. What does Max Schreck suggest is Bruce Wayne's costume at Max's party?
Millionaire Mogul
Trust Fund Goody Goody
Boy Wonder Billionaire
Beefcake Billionaire
18. What is the name of the Penguin's hideout?
Penguin Palace
Ice Castle
Arctic World
Ice House
19. Who delivers Batman's note to the Penguin?
A penguin
A circus freak
The Ice Princess
A monkey
20. Which of these characters survives the movie?
Max Schreck
The Penguin
The Ice Princess

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