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How Well Do You Know: The Big Lebowski
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1. What kind of car does The Dude drive?
Pontiac Le Mans
Ford Gran Torino
Chevy Beretta
Mercury Sable
2. Donald, or Donnie as he is known to his friends, is actually a middle name. What is Donnie's first name?
3. What does Walter put in the "ringer" bag instead of money for the drop-off?
Dirty underwear
Shredded newspaper
His sister's bras
Phone books
4. What is the name of the fictional porn movie that The Dude dreams that he is in after he gets drugged at Jackie Treehorn's?
Chicks With Balls
5. Fill in the missing line from this quote by Walter: "What do you mean 'brought it bowling'? ______ I'm not buying it a f*-ing beer. He's not going to take your f*-ing turn, Dude."
I'm not talking to him.
I didn't rent it shoes.
He's not paying for a lane.
It didn't borrow my ball.
6. In the very first scene in the movie, where is The Dude?
Bowling alley
Sleeping at his apartment
Grocery store
His car
7. Who said the following line in the movie: "obviously you're not a golfer"?
The Dude
Maude Lebowski
8. When Walter and Smokey have their confrontation at the bowling alley - after Walter insisted Smokey went over the line - what score does Smokey say he should have?
9. After the gun incident at the bowling alley, what does The Dude do next?
Goes home and listens to phone messages
Goes to the theater to see his landlord's dance
Goes to Maude Lebowski's place
Goes to the big Lebowski's house
10. What was the topic of young Larry Sellers' school report?
Missouri Compromise
Boston Tea Party
Emancipation Proclamation
Louisiana Purchase
11. At one point The Dude confronts Walter and says "Walter, come off it. You're not even f*-ing Jewish, you're ____" what religion?
Southern Baptist
Polish Catholic
United Methodist
12. Which of the following is NOT on the list of things that Walter doesn't do on shabbas?
Clean the dishes
Drive a car
Turn on the oven
Handle money
13. What do the nihilists do to The Dude's car?
Steal it
Pee in it
Set it on fire
Destroy it with a baseball bat
14. What is Bunny Lebowski's real name?
Julie Treehorn
Fawn Knudsen
Bunny LaJoya
Sunny Sanders
15. Who is Uli?
One of the nihilists
The big Lebowski's assistant
The private investigator who follows The Dude
A rival bowler and pederast
16. What tape is The Dude listening to on his headphones while lying on his rug when he gets attacked and taken to Maude's?
Ocean waves
Porno soundtrack
Bowling sounds
Creedence Clearwater Revival
17. What does Walter do for a living?
Salesman at a gun shop
Postal worker
Runs a security firm
18. Where was Bunny during the movie after she goes missing?
Kidnapped by the nihilists
Hiding in her bedroom
Visiting friends
Shooting a porn film
19. In Walter's eulogy for Donnie, he says that besides bowling, Donnie also loved what other sport?
20. The movie takes place during what year?

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