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How Well Do You Know: Boyz n the Hood
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1. Tre gets in a fight at school when he tries to teach the class what?
Lessons on Martin Luther King, Jr.
About the Egyptians
The origin of where all men come from
About slavery
2. Doughboy remarks how mean Tre's dad is comparing him to the boogeyman. What horrendous chore does Furious ask Tre to do?
Do the dishes
Rake the yard
Mow the lawn
Clean out the garage
3. While working out with his dad, Tre is assigned another slate of weekly chores. Which chore is he most disgusted by the thought of doing?
Washing dishes
Cleaning the toilet
Scrubbing the floors
Cleaning the bath tub
4. What happens to Tre the first night he stays with his dad?
The house is burglarized
His dad's cars broken into
A drive by occurs
His dad kills a robber
5. Doughboy gets into a fight with a much older boy for picking on Ricky. What did the older boy steal from Ricky?
His ball
His shoes
His hat
His jacket
6. Furious gives Tre lots of advice on life, but he gave him specific instructions to never do what?
Run with the wrong crowd
Join the army
Pick up a gun
Have a baby before marriage
7. What did Little Chris and Doughboy get arrested for?
Breaking and entering
8. What is Doughboy's real name?
9. Doughboy's friend Dooky is always seen in the movie with what?
A tooth pick
A pacifier
A cigarette
A lollipop
10. When Chris is later shown as adult, what has happened to him?
He's in a wheelchair
He has a limp
He's missing an eye
His face has terrible scars
11. Tre has a few adventures walking home from Doughboy's party. Besides having a gun pulled in his face, what else happens to him?
He breaks up a fight
He gets hassled by the police
He drops his dad's plate of food
He saves a little baby
12. Tre confesses to Ricky, that he's never lied to his dad about anything except for what?
He is afraid of becoming a father
He is in love with Brandy
That he's still a virgin
He always practices safe sex
13. Dooky has a theory on why Ricky's mom is nicer to Ricky than Doughboy. What reason does he give on the subject?
Because Ricky always been a athlete
They have different daddies
Because Doughboy has always been disrespectful
Ricky has always just been a mama's boy
14. Tre and Ricky go and visit Furious at his place of business. What kind of shop does Furious own?
A realtor service
A job training office
A book store
A financial service
15. What initially starts the whole fight that later leads to Ricky's demise?
Somebody bumps into Ricky
Ricky calls a man a name
A fight over a girl
Ricky was in the wrong neighbourhood
16. Tre tells Ricky in the car, "I'm getting the f*ck out of ____."
The hood
This mad house
17. Ricky gets shot mostly due to the fact he was preoccupied with doing what?
Reading a magazine
Eating potato chips
Scratching lotto tickets
Listening to his headphones
18. Where does Doughboy find the men who shot and killed his brother?
On the basketball courts
In a parking lot
Walking down the streets
Standing in front of a house
19. At the end of the movie we learn what about Doughboy?
He stays in the hood
He is arrested
He goes back to prison
He is killed
20. What do they say happens to Tre at the end of the movie?
He goes to school in Georgia
He moves in with Brandy
He receives a scholarship to Arizona State
He goes to school at UCLA

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