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1. The last king of Scotland has died without a son, and the king of England is claiming the throne. He is known as:
Edward Longshanks
Edward Longstaff
Edward Longneck
Edwards Longreach
2. Question 1 is explained by the narrator of the film, as yet unseen, but later revealed to be:
Robert the Bruce
Hamish Campbell
Murron McClannough
Princess Isabelle
3. William’s father and brother are killed. At their funeral, Murron gives William:
a thistle
4. After the funeral, William is taken away by his Uncle Argyle to be educated. Argyle is played by:
Sean Connery
Brian Cox
Ian McDiarmid
Billy Connolly
5. Longshanks has arranged for his son, also called Edward, to be married to Isabelle, the daughter of:
the king of Castile
the Duke of Burgundy
the king of France
the Holy Roman Emperor
6. According to Longshanks, the trouble with Scotland is that:
it’s too cold
its people are filthy
there’s nothing there but mud
it’s full of Scots
7. To attract the most repressive English lords to Scotland, Longshanks reinstitutes an ‘old custom’, called:
primae noctis
droit de seigneur
droit de cuissage
first shagging
8. Now a young man, William returns to his home and is reunited with his childhood friend Hamish, who he bests in a contest of:
caber tossing
stone throwing
tug of war
highland dancing
9. An English soldier takes a fancy to Wallace’s new wife Murron, and it ends with Murron dead and William attacking the English, whom he kills with anything that comes to hand, except:
a hammer
an antler
a sword
an axe
10. How would Edward, the Prince of Wales, deal with Wallace?
have the magistrate arrest him
have the soldiers kill him on sight
have him cut into pieces
have him report to Edward’s bedroom
11. Robert the Bruce’s father is:
a monk
a leper
an agoraphobe
a prisoner of the English
12. At the Battle of Stirling, William asks to his troops to tell “our enemies that they may take our lives, but they may never take our _________!”
13. Before the battle begins and the first arrow is shot, the Scots do what to the English?
bite their thumbs at them
give them the finger
moon them
flash them
14. After the victory at Stirling, Edward sacks which English city?
15. How does Longshanks murder Philip, the effete boyfriend of Edward, Prince of Wales?
pushes him into a fire
drops him down an oubliette
throws him out a window
cuts his head off with an axe
16. Who does Longshanks send to treat with Wallace?
Edward, Prince of Wales
Princess Isabelle
Lord Chancellor Fotherington
Robert the Bruce
17. At the Battle of Falkirk, the Scots are joined by?
Irish mercenaries
French pikemen
Welsh bowmen
Robert the Bruce
18. Of Wallace’s friends, which dies at the Battle of Falkirk?
Campbell, Hamish’s father
Hamish, his childhood friend
Argyle, Wallace’s uncle
Stephen, the crazy Irishman
19. Wallace takes revenge on Mornay’s betrayal at Falkirk by:
slicing him in half on the battlefield
dragging him out of the Lord’s Council and gutting him in the town square
hanging him from the belltower of Edinburgh Cathedral
riding a horse into his bedroom and smashing his face in
20. Longshanks has grown ill and lost the power of speech. What secret does Isabelle tell him?
that she has poisoned him, and he will die very painfully
that Wallace is actually Longshanks' son
that she plans to murder his son and rule as queen
that the child growing in her belly is not of his line
21. Wallace is betrayed and captured by the English and is publicly tortured and executed. The platform he is lashed to is shaped like:
a bench
a wheel
a star
a crucifix
22. Which act does not feature as part of Wallace’s torture?
extreme tickling
23. Wallace’s body is quartered and the pieces displayed in Northern England and Scotland. Where is his head put on display?
London Bridge
Edinburgh Castle
Stirling Bridge
Scoine Abbey
24. Robert the Bruce, now King of Scotland, leads the scots in a battle to secure his nation’s independence. Name the battle.
Dupplin Moor
Greyfriars Kirk
25. Bonus Question: Braveheart is full of historical inaccuracies. Of the following statements, which is true?
Wallace came to renown after killing the Sheriff of Lanark
Wallace met Isabelle
Edward Longshacks instituted primae noctis
Scots at the time wore kilts

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