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How Well Do You Know: Backdraft
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1. What city is the movie Backdraft set in?
New York
2. Throughout the film, Stephen helps Brian with his fire fighter gear. What can't Brian seem to put on right?
His boots
His coat
His helmet
His suspenders
3. The first man to be killed by a backdraft was actually killed when he was thrown into what?
A car
A building
A tree
A rod iron fence
4. What is Stephen's nickname?
5. Brian tries to sabotage his firehouse assignment, but ends up in his brothers firehouse. What is the number of the brothers' firehouse?
6. What kind of structure is Brian's first fire in?
A chemical warehouse
An office building
A garment factory
A hotel
7. J.T. Walsh, who has a knack of playing the bad guy, plays another despicable character in the film. His character Marty Swayzack is what kind of city official?
The mayor
An alderman
A councillor
The sheriff
8. What is the name of Brian's best friend who joins the firehouse with him has a cadet?
9. Stephen gets drunk at a party and gets into a fight with his wife's boyfriend. What was Stephen's reason for punching the man?
He was kissing Stephen's wife
He claimed his firehouse was better
He made fun of Brian
He called Stephen reckless
10. Stephen has moved out of his house and moved into what?
A trailer
A boat
A apartment
The firehouse
11. A montage of Bruce Hornsby singing shows the #17 firefighters in action. What animal does it show running loose and them trying to catch?
12. "Do you have something against Dalmatians?" Brian is disgusted by the firehouse alternative dog mascot. Instead of a Dalmatian the firemen of 17 have what type of dog?
A sheep dog
A poodle
A rotttweiler
Saint Bernard
13. Brian suddenly ups and quits the fire department. What was his reason for doing so?
He really wants the job Marty offered him
Stephen bullies him into it
He is scared
He is afraid he's not as good as Stephen
14. Donald Sutherland plays a pyromaniac named Ronald. Ronald liked to burn people, setting fires using what type of device?
15. Ronald almost fools the parole board into letting him go free, until Shadow shows him what?
A baby doll
A photograph
A toy car
A teddy bear
16. The second person killed from a backdraft is killed where?
His house
A theater
His car
A hotel
17. In the autopsy room Brian is nervous handling the dead guys. The coroner said, "He's not gonna ______ - just lift him up."
Try to convert you
Bite you
Steal your watch
Sell you insurance
18. Where in the firehouse does Brian and Jennifer wind up doing it?
On top a pile of hoses
On top the firetruck
In the mess hall
In the locker room
19. Why does Tim get burned looking for the hotel fire?
His coat isn't properly on
He is overwhelmed by the smoke
He doesn't check the door for heat
The room caves in on him
20. Shadow describes fire as a living thing. What DOESN'T he claim fire does?
21. What was the reason why Stephen's wife claims she left him?
He was never home
He was a drunk
He ignored her and their child
He took too many risks
22. Shadow and Brian go to Marty's house to ask him some questions. Shadow gets blown out of the house and is impaled on what?
Wrought iron fence
A tree
A piece of wood
23. Ronald gets excited when Brian comes to see him about the backdrafts. Ronald wants to know when Brain saw his dad die, what did the fire do to Brian as a kid?
Creep inside of him
Scare him
Look at him
Touch him
24. What was the main chemical that was being used to start the backdrafts?
25. Which one of the firefighters was starting all the backdrafts?

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