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How Well Do You Know: Air Force One
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1. The film begins with which action?
The capture of General Radek
The foiling of an assassination plot against President Marshall
The construction of Air Force One
The swearing-in of President Marshall
2. Radek was the self-proclaimed leader of which former Soviet republic?
3. At a dinner honoring him for his role in the capture of Radek, Marhall expressed:
Regret that he acted too late
Fear that Radeks' followers would retaliate
4. Korshunov and his men were able to board Air Force One by posing as:
Airplane mechanics
A news crew
A hockey team
5. Korshunov's takeover of Air Force One was enabled by rogue Secret Service agent Gibbs (Xander Berkeley). What was Gibb's signal to Korshunov to begin the attack?
He blew a whistle
He set off smoke
He flashed the cabin lights in sequence
He sang the Russian national anthem over the intercom
6. How did Korshunov get access to weapons?
They smuggled them in inside prosthetic legs
They smuggled them in with their equipment
A locker was unlocked
The plane was taken without any weapons
7. What is the name of Marshall's daughter?
Mary Katherine
8. After Korshunov and his men attempted to take of the plane, the pilot tried to land at an air base in which country?
9. Dean Stockwell plays Walter Dean, a constant thorn in the side of Vice President Bennett throughout the crisis. What position did Dean have in the Marshall administration?
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State
National Security Advisor
Director of CIA
10. Talking with Vice President Bennett, Korshunov threatened:
To crash the plane
To execute a hostage every half hour
To kill each member of the First Family
To kill Marshall himself
11. What do we learn of Marshall's military service?
He won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam
He won the Navy Cross
He had never served
He was a member of the National Guard
12. What sports event is playing on the television in the background of several scenes throughout the movie?
The Super Bowl
The World Series
The Indy 500
A college football game
13. Who is the first hostage to be killed by Korshunov?
The president's wife
Agent Gibbs
The National Security Advisor
The White House Press Secretary
14. When Marshall calls the White House:
Dean won't let him talk to the Vice President
He has to call collect
He finds out that his Presidential authority has been revoked
He order the accompanying fighters to fire on Air Force One
15. Air Force personnel talk Marshall through which procedure, which he hopes will force the plane down?
Dump fuel
Lower the landing gear
Cut an engine
Raise the flaps
16. Marshall and his team planned to evacuate the plane by using emergency parachutes. What was the catch?
There were only five parachutes
They parachutes would land in territory controlled by Radek
The plane had to fly below a certain elevation
It was too dark outside to jump safely
17. What lead to the refueling tanker exploding?
Air Force One dropped suddenly due to lack of fuel
Air Force One dropped suddenly after depressurising
The tanker was hit by an Air Force missile
Air Force One hit turbulence
18. Marshall agrees to call on the Russian president to release Radek when Korshunov threatens to shoot:
Marshall's wife
Marshall's daughter
Air Force One' pilot
Everyone else on the plane
19. The member of Korshunov's who piloted Air Force One is shot by:
One of Korshunov's men
A Secret Service agent
20. What did Marshall say to Korshunov as he threw the terrorist off the plane?
Happy landing
No frequent flier miles for you
Get off of my plane
Hasta la vista, baby
21. Radek was shot dead:
By Marshall
In the Kremlin
Just outside the prison gates
In his prison cell
22. How many US fighters were destroyed in the dogfight with the Kazakh fighters?
All of them
23. Why could Air Force One not land?
It was too low on fuel
Its landing gear was destroyed
It was damaged too badly by the Kazakh fighters
All of the tray tables had not been properly stowed
24. Who was left alive on board Air Force One when it crashed?
An Air Force parajumper
One of Korshunov's men
No one
Agent Gibbs
25. Air Force One crashed:
In water
In an abandoned field
On an airport runway
Into a Kazakh fighter

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