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How Well Do You Know: Armageddon
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Armageddon  quiz

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Which actor provides the opening narration to Armageddon?
Charlton Heston
Morgan Freeman
Anthony Hopkins
Val Kilmer
Before the meteor shower strikes New York, Little Richard attacks an inflatable...
King Kong
Cloverfield Monster
Karl, the first person to discover the asteroid, wants to name is Dottie. Why?
because they have shared thirty-nine years of happiness together
because he always wanted to see her up in heaven, with the stars
because she brings a warm dinner to his telescope every night
because she's an vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape
Truman tells the President that the asteroid is as big as:
Michigan - at least the part that looks like an oven mitt.
Meanwhile on an oil rig in the South China Sea, Grace Stamper tells her father Harry that she learned about the birds and the bees... from what source?
Freddy Noonan's tattoos
Some interesting literature from under Chick's bed
That trip to Taipei with Rockhound
This one time... in band camp
According to Quincy, what grade did the President's scientific adviser get in astrophysics?
frowny face
Taken to NASA headquarters and told the world has eighteen days, Harry gets his team of roughnecks together. Where does the FBI find Max (pictured)?
in a tattoo parlour, with his mother
at the craps table at Caesar's Palace
in a New Orleans bar, trying to score with a newly-married woman
riding a big hog in South Dakota
Fill in the blank for General Kimsey: "We spend 250 billion dollars a year on defense. And here we are. The fate of the planet is in the hands of a bunch of retards I wouldn't trust with a ________"
water pistol
potato gun
pair of scissors
If the crew of roughnecks are going to save the world, they're not going to do for free. What does Bear want out of the deal?
to know who killed Kennedy
to stay in the White House
to have 8-track tapes brought back
two lady friends made US citizens, no questions asked
The crew are shown the two new X-71 space shuttles. What are they called?
Liberty and Endeavour
Freedom and Independence
Enterprise and Resolution
Justice and Tyranny
The plan is to drill a hole into the asteroid, drop a nuclear bomb down the hole and explode it, splitting it in two. How deep to the crew have to drill?
600 feet
700 feet
800 feet
900 feet
The night before launch, A.J. and Grace indulge in foreplay using:
Animal Crackers
Reese's Pieces
Lucky Charms
Before launch, Grace and Harry meet at
the Apollo I memorial
the Gemini mission control room
the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Centre
Fill in the blank: "Mommy, that __________ is on TV!" "That's not a __________. That's your Daddy."
Mary Kay representative
Jehovah's Witness
What is the motto on the Freedom and Independence mission badges?
Duty Above All Else
To Protect Humanity
For All Mankind
America - Saving The World Since 1776
They make it into space and rendezvous with cosmonaut Lev Andropov at the Mir space station. Lev has a photo of his uncle, who is considered the genius in his family because:
he is a Grand Master at chess
the 114th element on the period table is named after him
he discovered cold fusion, but the government covered it up
he made the tip of the bomb that finds New York or Washington
Independence is hit by debris and goes "off the grid". Of the following characters, who is killed in the impact?
A.J. (Ben Affleck)
Oscar Choi (Owen Wilson)
Bear (Michael Clarke Duncan)
Lev (Peter Stormare)
Rockhound says that Freedom overshoots the landing and ends up 26 miles from where they were supposed to be. How does Rockhound say he knows this?
from the geology
from the speed the shuttle was travelling
by looking at the stars
he's a genius
Lev thinks Evel Knievel is:
an astronaut
a hip hop artist
a character in Star Wars
the name of the black guy he's been hanging around with
General Kinsey triggers the nuclear weapon, and when Sharp defuses it, he has to choose between the red wire and the blue wire. Come on, which is it?
red wire
blue wire
black wire
After Rockhound gets trigger-happy with some automatic weapons, Sharp observes that he has:
meteor psychosis
space dementia
galactic insanity
lunar lunacy
Meanwhile, more meteor showers hit Earth. Which European city is obliterated?
"We lost Gruber". Which crew-member of Freedom was Gruber?
the pilot
the co-pilot
the munitions specialist
a plucky stowaway
The trigger to the nuclear bomb is destroyed and the crew draw straws to determine who stays behind to detonate it. Who gets the short straw?
A.J. (Ben Affleck)
Harry (Bruce Willis)
Rockhound (Steve Buscemi)
Willie Sharp (William Fichtner)
Needless to say, Harry takes charge and decides to detonate the nuke himself. What does he ask A.J. to give Truman for him?
his mission badge
his lucky oil-drilling hat
the short straw
his thanks
Lev considers that he is qualified to fix the shuttle engines because Russian components and American components all have one thing in common, which is:
they are all made in Taiwan
they all beep when things go wrong so you just have to stop the beeping
they all do what he says if he shouts loud enough
they all respond to a mix of psychology and extreme violence
After landing, Sharp requests permission to:
have some time off
visit his wife's grave
go out for a night drinking with the roughnecks
shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man he ever met
What downside does Rockhound see to coming home safely?
everyone will talk about how he went crazy in space
he owes 100 grand to a bad-ass loan-shark that he spent on a stripper named Molly Mounds
his kids and his ex-wives will all know where to find him
he feels like the Ringo of the group
The closing credits feature Grace and A.J.'s wedding. Who catches the bouquet?
Chick's estranged wife
Freedom co-pilot Watts
the stripper Rockhound is dating
The theme song for the movie, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing is sung by Aerosmith. The song was originally written for:
Bryan Adams
Phil Collins
Mariah Carey
Celine Dion

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