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Braveheart (Version 2) 11/9/09 74.55%[14.91/20]        Comments
Once upon a time, Mel Gibson was a respected Hollywood star. No, really - we looked it up.
Bulworth 11/1/16 50.00%[8.00/16]        Comments
At the time, it seemed a portrait of politics going far off the rails. Today, it seems rather tame.
Cape Fear 3/3/11 55.28%[13.82/25]        Comments
Robert De Niro is icily effective as an ex-con out for revenge against a the family of a lawyer who did him wrong.
Casper 10/22/11 72.56%[18.14/25]        Comments
Casper the Friendly Ghost is the friendliest ghost I know. Yes, the classic cartoon made its way the the big screen in 1995 to the delight of audiences everywhere.
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
Clerks 7/19/06 74.96%[18.74/25]        Comments
What does $27,575 get you these days? It might buy you a cheap SUV, but certainly not one with all wheel drive, satellite radio and a decent GPS system.
Clueless 5/17/11 80.32%[20.08/25]        Comments
Cher and her Beverly Hills friends are not just self absorbed brats into fashion and expensive things. They're also absolutely, totally clueless.
Con Air 5/21/13 77.24%[19.31/25]        Comments
Simon West was at his Michael Bay-iest with Con Air, a big-budget, explode-everything destruction-fest filled with ludicrous fun.
Coneheads, The: 1/13/16 81.90%[16.38/20]        Comments
More successful that It's Pat, less successful than Wayne's World, The Coneheads marked another attempt to bring a Saturday Night Live sketch to the big screen.
Congo 9/24/13 80.90%[16.18/20]        Comments
Michael Crichton's jungle-set sci-fi book was a surprise hit back in 1995, bringing in more than $150 million at the box office.
Cool Runnings 1/8/11 69.70%[13.94/20]        Comments
Cool Runnings is the loosely-based true story of the first and only, Jamaican bobsled team. Meet four Jamaicans who are not going to let a little thing like ice and snow keep them from winning the gold
Crow, The: 6/17/09 83.84%[20.96/25]        Comments
In 1994, Brandon Lee starred in what was to become his last and most famous film, The Crow. It's a dark, gothic tale of vengeance told from the unique perspective of the vengeful wraith.
Cutting Edge, The: 2/10/15 77.80%[19.45/25]        Comments
If you're a sucker for early 90's sorta-sports/rom-com movies, The Cutting Edge is for you!
Dangerous Minds 3/2/16 79.95%[15.99/20]        Comments
We *dare* you to take this quiz without hearing Coolio in your head!
Dave 11/5/08 83.28%[20.82/25]        Comments
The Oscar-nominated screenplay gets you to cheer for an average Joe who makes good on his opportunity to do good.
Deep Blue Sea 6/22/10 76.36%[19.09/25]        Comments
It's the story of an aquatic laboratory research team and the sharks that terrorize them. You may have creative theories on the best way to electrocute a shark...
Dick Tracy 3/26/11 62.04%[15.51/25]        Comments
Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy brought the 1930's comic strip comes to life with a all-star cast. Who says tough guys can't wear yellow?
Die Hard 2 6/26/07 76.96%[19.24/25]        Comments
Subtle, no. Always logically cogent? Not so much. Yet 1990's Die Hard 2 was for the most part successful in continuing the "yippee-kay-yay" legacy of everyman/dynamo John McClane.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 6/26/07 78.20%[19.55/25]        Comments
Jeremy Irons and Samuel L. Jackson were welcome additions to the cast, and the script had fun putting McClane through trial after trial.
Dogma 8/10/05 72.40%[14.48/20]        Comments
Kevin Smith unleashed a firestorm of controversy with the 1999 release of Dogma. Sure, it took some liberties with Catholic tradition...
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 11/24/10 78.04%[19.51/25]        Comments
Now Swell has to be the grown up, and she quickly learns life as a adult is no picnic.
Dumb and Dumber 5/26/11 79.56%[19.89/25]        Comments
You might just want to suck down some of grandpa's cough medicine before driving across country with them, but how well do you know Dumb and Dumber?
Dutch 11/25/10 72.80%[18.20/25]        Comments
We meet Dutch Dooley, a child-like man who wants to impress his girlfriend by getting to know her son. One problem: her son Doyle, is a mean-spirited, snotty brat.
Ed Wood 8/18/16 58.24%[14.56/25]        Comments
A rather unlikely biopic, Burton and Depp nevertheless began their collaboration with 1994's Ed Wood.
EdTV 1/21/15 83.12%[20.78/25]        Comments
A regular joe is thrust into national stardom when he agrees to allow a TV network total access to his life in this bitingly funny late 90s comedy. Here's your EdTV trivia quiz.
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