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How Well Do You Know: Apollo 13
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1. What book, by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger, is the movie based on?
Apollo 13
From the Earth to the Moon
Lost Moon
The Finest Hour
2. At the beginning of the film, archival TV footage is taken from what famous news anchor describing Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 landing?
Chet Huntley
David Brinkley
Tom Brokaw
Walter Cronkite
3. What area of the moon are the astronauts scheduled to land on?
Frau Mauro
Mare Imbrium
Mare Tranquillitatis
Rima Marius
4. Shortly after takeoff, when Lovell says "looks like we just had our one glitch for the mission," what is he referring to?
The main bus A undervolt
The inboard engine went out
The S-4B cutoff
There was a little jolt
5. When Houston is trying to calculate the reentry pattern, what is throwing off the trajectory?
Fred weighs more than they thought
Since the explosion, the module weights a lot less
They were supposed to have moon rocks
Lovell forgot to carry the 1
6. What member of the backup crew becomes sick with the measles, resulting in Swigert replacing Mattingly?
Charlie Duke
Deke Slaton
Gene Kranz
John Aaron
7. While they are waiting for the reentry plan, what does Jack think Houston is not telling them?
There isn't enough oxygen
The battery power is too low
The heat shield doesn't work
They are going too fast
8. What is the name of the lunar module?
9. Fill in the blank on Marilyn Lovell's words of advice to Mary Haise before talking to the media: "Remember, you're proud, happy and ____."
10. The big problem happens after Houston tells Jack to do what?
Restart the computer
Give the oxygen tanks a stir
Switch from quad C to main A
Roll right to 0-6-0
11. At the request of President Nixon, the flight control team must provide him with odds on the astronauts returning safely. What odds do they decide on?
2 to 1
3 to 1
5 to 1
8 to 1
12. What ailment causes Alan Shepard and his crew to be bumped from Apollo 13?
Ear infection
Broken wrist
13. On the TV broadcast from Apollo 13, what song does Fred play instead of the 2001 theme?
Daydream Believer
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Spirit in the Sky
What a Wonderful World
14. What distinction does Jack Swigert hold, according to Dick Cavett on his TV show?
First bachelor astronaut
Only the second German astronaut
Sexiest astronaut, according to his wife
Shortest astronaut
15. In trying to make small talk with Jim's mom to distract her, what does Neil Armstrong ask her?
If she'd like to have lunch with him
If Jim was good at sports
If she'd like to meet his pal Buzz
If Jim made Eagle Scout
16. What is the aircraft carrier that picks up the crew in the South Pacific?
USS Enterprise
USS Independence
USS Iwo Jima
USS Saratoga
17. After Marilyn and the kids tell Jim' mom about the problem, she confidently says if they could get what to fly Jim could land it?
A pig
A rocking chair
A television
A washing machine
18. What is Mattingly's solution to powering up the spacecraft, while keeping it under the amps limit?
No more venting their waste outside
Shift some weight from one side to the other
Reverse the power flow from the LEM to the command module
Wait until the last possible moment to restart the computer
19. Why does daughter Barbara not want to go to the TV broadcast?
Upset that The Beatles broke up
Waiting for a phone call from a friend
Mad that she couldn't dress as a hippie for Halloween
Planning to attend a war protest instead
20. In which of the following categories did Apollo 13 not receive an Academy Award nomination?
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Adaptad Screenplay
Best Visual Effects

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