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How Well Do You Know: Beauty and the Beast
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1. At the beginning of the movie, we find out that a prince had been turned into a beast by an old beggar woman after:
he told her he could never love another as much as he loves himself
she asked him for help and he asked her for payment
he turned her away after she looked for lodging for the night
he spit at her when riding past her on the street
2. While Belle is greeting the townspeople in the village, we learn that she really loves to:
3. Belle's wanna-be suitor Gaston seems to love one thing or person more than Belle: _______.
his mother
4. Belle's eccentric father, an inventor, creates a contraption that does...what?
plays music
shovels hay from a horse's stall
cleans the floors
cuts logs
5. After refusing Gaston's marriage proposal, Belle goes to find her missing father with the help of:
her father's horse
her dog
the mysterious old woman
6. Belle finds the castle where her father is being held, and makes a deal with his captor, Beast - if he allows her father to go free, she will:
be a member of his household staff
be his prisoner instead
tell Gaston not to harm the Beast
pay him a generous sum
7. What is the one part of the house Beast tells Belle she is not allowed to explore?
the kitchen
the servant's quarters
the west wing
the balcony
8. Gaston's friends and drinking companions sing of his many talents, including all but:
taking cheap shots at others
carpentry skills
9. Belle refuses to come out of her room for dinner, yet Beast can still check in on her - how?
a spy (Chip the tea cup)
a magic mirror
cameras installed in the house
Lumiere's flames
10. After an impressive welcome by the household staff, Belle sneaks into the west wing, where she is surprised to find:
Beast waiting for, since he could see what she was doing
a book of spells
the enchanted rose
Chip and Mrs. Potts, ready to get her out of there
11. Belle tries escaping, but returns back to the castle after:
Beast is injured while fending off wolves trying to attack her
realizing Beast is not so intimidating
getting lost in the forest and realizing the only place she knows how to get to is the castle
deciding she can't back down on a promise
12. An appreciative Beast gives Belle a gift after she brings him back to the castle and cleans his wounds. What is it?
a new dress
his library
access to the west wing
the enchanted rose
13. After a lovely evening together, Belle tells Beast that while she enjoys it in the castle with him, she misses her father. What does he show her as a result?
a map that gives her a shortcut to her father's house, should she decide to leave again
a ring of his that he thinks Belle's father should have
a special hourglass that can turn back time to the time when her father was in the castle
the magic mirror that allows her to see anything she wants
14. After seeing her sick father in the mirror, Beast gives Belle another gift - what is it?
another bedroom so her father can live there
her freedom
a horse so she can ride to him and heal him
a doctor
15. After getting her father home and attempting to nurse him back to health, Belle is faced with a painful choice to make, thanks to Gaston - either marry him, or _________.
he will tell everyone that Beast attacked him
her father will be sent to an insane asylum
he will kidnap Beast and put him in a zoo
Belle will be locked away in Gaston's house
16. Belle proves to Gaston and the townspeople that her father is not insane by:
testing his knowledge and memory
asking him to lead the townspeople to Beast's castle
showing them an image of Beast via mirror
showing them a book she took from Beast's library
17. The angry mob, led by Gaston, storm the castle, only to:
be attacked by the household staff
get lost in the spacious castle
be scared off by the Beast, who's waiting for them on the stairwell
be told to leave by Gaston, so he can "finish the job" himself
18. Who breaks Belle and her father out of the basement they're locked in?
19. While battling with Gaston, Beast finally fights back after:
hearing Belle whisper his name
picturing Belle in his head and reminiscing about the good times they had together
seeing Belle has arrived back at the castle
Gaston insults the way Beast looks
20. Even in human form, Lumiere and Cogsworth are still bickering with each other. What are they fighting about as Belle and the prince are celebrating with their friends and family?
which one of them convinced Belle to stay in the castle
who predicted Belle and the Beast would fall in love
when Belle and the prince would get married
whether they enjoyed being human more than than being "enchanted"

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