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How Well Do You Know: Benny & Joon
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1. The film opens to the sounds of The Proclaimers' signature "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" as we see Joon working in this, her primary artistic outlet:
Working with clay
Dancing ballet
Pencil sketching
2. Back up a second. "Joon" is a nickname for this, her birth name:
3. Our first glimpse of Sam comes as he studies a book on this silent film comedy genius on a train:
Buster Keaton
Charlie Chaplin
Harold Lloyd
Fatty Arbuckle
4. Dr. Garvey's proposal to Benny at the beginning of the film is to:
Legally claim Joon at a
Put Joon in an asylum
Emancipate Joon
Put Joon in a group home
5. We see Joon causing a traffic jam as she tries to direct traffic using a/n ___________ and wearing a _________:
Rolled up newspaper / football helmet
Umbrella / top hat
Flashlight / raincoat
Ping pong paddle / snorkel
6. Benny's lament: "I mean I cant even keep a __________ alive. What chance do I have with Joon?"
Pet rock
7. Benny and Joon "acquire" Sam through a bet placed on:
A poker game
A baseball game
A horse race
The timing of a train's arrival
8. The first trick we see Sam performing in the film involves a/n:
Hub cap
String of party lights
Set of buttons
9. Joon, to Sam upon their first meeting: "You’re out of your _______":
10. In the diner scene that introduces the waitress Ruthie, Sam makes these food-related items "dance" on the counter:
Dinner rolls
Condiment bottles
11. At Benny and Joon's house, Sam sleeps in a room that overlooks:
Train tracks
A chicken coop
A noisy street
A stream
12. Joon kicks Sam out on his first day, because he performs this rather helpful task:
He cleans the house
He paints a room
He fixes the roof
He mows the lawn
13. Joon: "Some cultures are defined by their relationship to _______":
14. In a flashback, we learn that Benny and Joon's parent died:
In a house fire
In a traffic accident
In a theater fire
In a plane crash
15. "It's a shame about __________": At the diner, Sam and Joon discuss their mistrust of this foodstuff, including a well-known commercial for it:
16. Sam's attempts to cope with everyday life is complicated by the fact that:
He is paranoid
He is claustrophobic
He is illiterate
He is color blind
17. At the park, Sam begins his extended virtuoso silent comedy act by chasing this article of clothing around on the ground:
His hat
His shoe
His tie
His scar
18. How does Benny find out that Sam and Joon made love?
He walks in on them
Sam tells him when Joon isn't around
Joon tells him when Benny isn't around
Sam and Joon tell him together
19. Benny's reaction to finding out that Sam and Joon are romantically involved is to:
Hit Joon
Beat up Sam
Throw Sam out of the house
Give them his blessing
20. Benny seeks employment at:
A comic book store
A morgue
A video store
A petting zoo
21. Sam and Joon attempt to leave town by way of ________ (it doesn't exactly go well):
22. When Benny arrives at the hospital to see Joon, he is told:
Joon escaped
Joon doesn't want to see him
Joon never arrived at the hospital
Joon had to be sedated
23. Benny and Sam find out Joon's location in the hospital:
From Benny's friend, who is an orderly
By stealing her chart
By overhearing Joon's doctor talking
By bribing the floor nurse
24. In the hospital, Benny suggests to Joon that she live:
Back home with him
In her own apartment
With Sam
In a group home
25. As Joon discusses her future with her doctor in the hospital, she sees Sam:
Performing on the lawn outside the hospital
Skating in the hallway by her door
Swinging in front of the window

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