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Blade quiz

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1. One of the very first scenes in Blade involves a Rave full of vampires. What very unsettling event differentiates this rave from other Raves?
Victims are crucified at random intervals.
John Denver's music.
Blood sprays from the sprinklers.
The woman having serious body modification surgery in the middle of the rave.
2. What fate befalls the not terribly bright raver who blithely follows the attractive female vampire to the rave?
He's disemboweled.
He's severely beaten.
He's drained of all blood.
He gets a relaxing foot massage.
3. Quinn fails to escape after Blade arrives at the rave. What happens to Quinn?
He's stapled to a wall and set on fire.
Blade injects him with garlic and he explodes.
Blade cuts off his arm.
Something really appalling involving an enema kit and nitroglycerin.
4. Quinn arrives at the hospital looking (and smelling) like a lump of charred meat. What happens to him next?
He feeds on a couple of doctors then walks out the front door.
A really painful autopsy.
A very confusing poetry reading.
A screwed up escape involving an amputation and a plunge into an ambulance from the 14th floor.
5. As Quinn is feeding on Dr. Karen Jensen, Blade arrives and breaks it up, followed by the police. What do the police do?
They shoot Quinn.
They shoot Blade.
They bring in a hilariously profane hostage negotiator.
They go for donuts.
6. Blade takes Dr. Jensen with him when he escapes from the hospital. What happens to her next?
He injects her with liquefied Allium sativum.
He uses her as bait for a familiar.
He kills her with a silver spike.
He decapitates her with his sword.
7. What exactly is Allium Sativum?
Holy Water.
Orange Juice.
8. What's notable about getting injected with Allium Sativum?
You'll taste great with a red sauce.
You'll develop serious body odor.
It'll Hurt. A lot.
You'll taste great *AND* it will hurt. A lot.
9. Dr. Jensen meets Blade in a less stressful situation the next day. What is Blade doing when she finds him?
He's meditating.
He's watching surveillance tapes.
He's strapped into a chair.
He's making ammunition.
10. Dr. Jensen returns home and gets a visit from someone she wasn't expecting. Who visits her?
A nurse from work.
A police officer.
A priest.
A mime.
11. The police officer is actually a familiar working for Frost. Blade pummels him and then they follow him to a nightclub that's actually a cover for the vampires. How does Blade get into the club?
He bribes the doorman.
He sneaks in a window.
He knocks the doorman unconscious.
He doesn't bother, he just sets the club on fire.
12. Where is the secret door in the club?
In the DJ booth.
In the office.
In the bathroom.
In the fridge.
13. Blade and Dr. Jensen discover Pearl downstairs at the club. What mocking title does Blade assign to Pearl?
Chubsy Wubsy.
Biscuit Boy.
Dairy Queen.
14. Who is Pearl talking to on the computer?
Martha Stewart.
15. Pearl has been decoding an ancient transcript for Frost. What does Frost learn about Blade?
He's not a vampire.
His mother was an oracle.
He needs him alive.
He has a pureblood soul.
16. Frost has adopted a modern technology to protect him from a major vampire weakness. What is it?
17. Dragonetti finds Frost in the archives doing research, gets angry with him and slaps him. In somewhat of a major overreaction, what does Frost do to Dragonetti?
He decapitates him.
He seals him in a tomb.
He pulls his fangs and exposes him to sunlight.
He forces him to watch Gilligan's Island.
18. Frost and his men determine where Blade's hideout is and raid it, resulting in the apparent death of which character?
Dr. Jensen
19. What does Frost leave for Blade after he raids his base?
A gun.
A videotape.
Amway products.
20. Blade is captured by Frost when he raids Frost's base. Who distracts Blade long enough for Frost and his minions to subdue him?
Dr. Jensen.
Blade's mother.
21. How many pureblood vampires does Frost need to summon the Blood god?
22. What is Blade's part in summoning the Blood god?
He's locked in a black sarcophogus and drained of his blood.
He's stabbed in the heart and left to die.
He's starved of blood and denied his serum.
He's forced to sing the songs from Pirates of Penzance.
23. 'We're gonna be Gods. I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!' Who says that?
24. According to his Mother, what is Blade's actual name?
25. Who does Blade *NOT* kill during the final battle?
His Mother
26. After he deals with Quinn, what item does Blade retrieve from him? (Or what's left of him...)
His snazzy belt.
His sword.
His gun.
His sunglasses.
27. Just before he executes Frost, what does Blade imply that he's doing?
Swimming against the tide.
Cutting corners.
Sitting there like a duck.
Ice skating uphill.

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