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How Well Do You Know: The Addams Family
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1. The movie begins on one holiday and ends on another...respectively:
Halloween & Christmas
Thanksgiving & Halloween
Christmas & Halloween
Halloween & Halloween
2. Gomez is morning the loss of his brother. How many years has Fester been missing?
3. Morticia is donating a very unique item for a charity auction. What is she donating?
A mink coat that growls
Thumb screws
A painting that moves
A finger trap
4. Fester shows up during the seance. Where has he supposedly been for the last 25 years?
Death Valley
The Bermuda Triangle
Eye of Africa
Arctic Circle
5. Fester is very nervous when Morticia is helping him unpack his suitcase. What DOENS'T she pull out of it?
6. Gomez takes Fester to the vault behind the secret bookcase. What is the name of the book that opens the vault?
7. Gomez and Fester had a falling out when they where both pursing twin girls. What were the girls/ names?
Aura, Alania
Flora, Fauna
Clara, Claudia
Myra, Mira
8. Finish this phrase, "Can I have the salt? What do we say _______"
Or else
Hurry it up
9. Gomez is very proud of Pugsley. What did he do to earn his father's esteem?
A sales man fell into his trap
He scared away church members
He took out a stop sign
Caught the mail man in a bear trap
10. Wednesday wants to play a game with her brother, called Is There a God? What does she plan on doing to him?
Blow him up
Hanging him
Stab him
Putting him in a electric chair
11. Throughout the movie, this character constantly doubts Fester's identity:
12. What activity does Gomez do when he's feeling stressed out?
Plays with his model cars
Plays with toy trains
13. How did Grandpa and Grandma Addams die?
They were burned as witches
At the hands of an angry mob
Buried alive
14. What kind of pet did Fester leave behind when he first left?
Sewer rat
15. Gomez is furious when Fester can't remember anything from their childhood. Fester can't even remember the vault code: 2 eyes, 10 fingers and......what?
11 toes
6 teeth
1 nose
3 nipples
16. Wednesday and Pugsley do Hamlet at the school play. What do they do to the audience?
Throw water
Spray blood
Throw rotting meat
Throw vomit
17. The next door neighbor hates the Addams family. Why is he so mad at them?
Wednesday and Pugsley blow up things by his yard
They scare his company
Gomez does target practice by his house
Gomez hits golf balls at his house
18. What famous musician's songs are featured throughout movie (He also had a hit song called Addams Family)?
MC Hammer
Young MC
Will Smith
Bobby Brown
19. The family does a dance called the mamushka. It is now dedicated to Fester Addams. Who did they dedicate it to before?
Jack the Ripper
Ted Bundy
Boston Strangler
Son of Sam
20. After the Addams family lose their house, Morticia is forced to get a job teaching. What is the story she tells to frighten the children?
Snow White
Hansel and Gretel
Three little pigs
Wizard of Oz
21. Gomez has become depressed, and watches TV all day. What talk show host does he keep calling all day?
Phil Donahue
Sally Jessy Raphael
22. Tully and Dr. Pinder-Schloss decide that the only way they can get the money is to torture Morticia. What do they plan to do to her?
Pull out her finger nails
Electrocute her
Use a red-hot poker on her
Squeeze her in a vice
23. Who does Tully's wife end up with at the end of the movie?
Cousin Itt
24. What is the name of the Halloween game the family decides to play?
Grave digger
Hide and go scream
Kill the messenger
Wake the dead
25. What has Wednesday decided to be for Halloween?
Escaped mental patient
Homicidal maniac
Serial killer

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