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How Well Do You Know: Aladdin
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Aladdin Quiz

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o yea, im princess jasmine! wut now? jk jk
i_heart_taylor_lautner 9/23/09 2:59 pm


1. Aladdin takes place in the city of
2. What are the names of the animals in the movie? The tiger, the parrot, the monkey?
Rajah, Iago, Abu
Abu, Iago, Rajah
Iago, Rajah, Abu
Iago, Abu, Rajah
3. During the entire song, One Jump Ahead, Aladdin is trying to steal:
A piece of bread
An apple
Princess Jasmine
4. What is the primary reason Princess Jasmine runs away from home?
She wants to meet Aladdin in the marketplace/fall in love
She is frustrated with having her life lived for her/forced to marry
She needs to stop Jafar from capturing Aladdin/save Aladdin's life
She is upset over her mother's death/ angry at her father
5. Why does Jafar have Aladdin captured?
Because he needs Aladdin for the Cave of Wonders
Because he thought Aladdin kidnapped the princess
Because Aladdin is a thief in the marketplace
Because Aladdin called Jafar "A horse with two rear ends"
6. Why does the Cave of Wonders begin to collapse on Aladdin?
Because Abu touched a ruby
Because Aladdin lifted the lamp off its stand
Because only the Diamond in the Rough could enter
Because Jafar was trying to kill Aladdin
7. The Genie tells Aladdin he cannot wish for more wishes. Which rule is NOT one of the three additional rules Genie tells Aladdin.
No making people fall in love
No killing people
No becoming immortal
No bringing people back from the dead
8. What was Aladdin's first official wish?
To be made into a prince
To be saved from drowning
To set Genie free
To get out of the Cave of Wonders
9. Jafar tries to become the sultan in all of the following ways, EXCEPT:
Force Princess Jasmine into marrying him
Killing Prince Ali Ababwa
Get the lamp and wish to be sultan
Kidnapping the current Sultan
10. After getting the lamp, what was Jafar's first wish?
To have Princess Jasmine fall in love with him
To become an all-powerful Genie
To become the Sultan
To become the world's most powerful sorcerer
11. When does Aladdin first try to tell Jasmine that he is not a real prince?
After the carpet ride, sitting on a building with Jasmine
Right before his marriage annoucement to all of Agrabah
In the marketplace, after their first kiss
When Jafar, as sorcerer, forces him to
12. When Jasmine tries to distract Jafar, what compliment does she use?
And your beard is so twisted
Yes, oh mighty, evil one.
A thousand apologies, oh Patient one.
I'm rich too you know. The daughter of a Sultan. A fine prize for any prince to marry.
13. Jafar puts someone in an hourglass, puts someone in a ring of fire, and turns someone into a snake. It was:
Jasmine, Aladdin, Jafar
Jafar, Aladdin, Jasmine
Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar
Jasmine, Jafar, Aladdin
14. How does Aladdin defeat Jafar?
Stabbing Jafar, as the giant snake, with a sword.
Tricking Jafar into becoming a genie.
Getting the lamp back and making a final wish.
Getting the genie to forget the rules and help him fight Jafar.
15. What is Aladdin's final wish?
To be made into a Prince
To become an all-powerful Genie
To become the Sultan
To set the Genie free
16. How does Aladdin marry Jasmine?
Jasmine loses her princess title in order to marry Aladdin.
After becoming free, Genie turns Aladdin into a bona fide Prince.
By still being a Prince from his first wish.
The Sultan changes the law so Aladdin can marry a princess.
17. The voice of the Genie was:
Steve Martin
Gilbert Gottfried
John Candy
Robin Williams
18. Aladdin won the Oscar for Best Music, Original Song for:
Prince Ali
Friend Like Me
A Whole New World
One Jump Ahead
19. Who sings in the movie Aladdin?
The Sultan
Razoul, Captain of the Guards
20. How many songs does Princess Jasmine sing in Aladdin?
21. Which character's costume does NOT include a hat?
22. The entrance to the Cave of Wonders is the shape of a:
Palace Door
A genie lamp
Tiger's head
23. Which of the following does NOT happen when Genie gets his freedom?
His lamp breaks
Magical light surrounds the genie
His bracelets break
He gets legs
24. How many sequels does Aladdin have?

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