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2006-07 Television Season 5/28/07 49.40%[12.35/25]        Comments
We are left to sift through the wreckage of Daybreak, while Heroes and Ugly Betty remain standing triumphant. How well do you know the 2006-07 television season?
2008-09 Television Season 5/21/09 47.77%[14.33/30]        Comments
The curtain finally fell on some old dinosaurs, and we suffered through some spectacularly awful dreck. Yet we managed to squeeze in a few thousand hours in front of the tube.
2010-11 TV Season, The: 6/1/11 49.96%[12.49/25]        Comments
You may know The Event from The Cape and Happy Endings from Mad Love...
2011-2012: The Year in TV 6/5/12 58.80%[14.70/25]        Comments
We were sent up The River, treated to a Smash and set on a course for Revenge. Can you trust the B in Apt. 23?
24: The Final Season 5/25/10 78.63%[18.87/24]        Comments
Jack is the lone voice of reason and truth as goes from saving the day at the request of the President to being hunted on orders of the President to prevent him from uncovering a conspiracy that threatens a peace deal.
30 Rock, Season 1 (Easy) 4/30/09 57.40%[14.35/25]        Comments
30 Rock debuted in 2006 on NBC as the show about a sketch comedy show that wasn't the one with references to The Pirates of Penzance; however, Tina Fey and company emerged the victor.
30 Rock, Season 1 (Hard) 5/2/09 50.36%[12.59/25]        Comments
Prepare for your mind grapes to be squeezed. You may look like a solid gold candy bar, but how well do you *really* know the first season of 30 Rock?
30 Rock: Season Four 5/25/10 79.24%[19.81/25]        Comments
Jack inherits a pet peacock from his former boss, Liz falls for an Englishman named Wesley Snipes and the building's 12:30a janitor demands the 11:30p shift -- echoing NBC's late night fiasco.
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The: 7/17/06 66.28%[16.57/25]        Comments
You call yourself a fan of the lost, lamented series, but How Well Do You Know The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.?
Advertising Spokespeople 5/8/12 65.88%[10.54/16]        Comments
Try your hand at matching up these spokespeople with the products they are selling.
Alpha House, Season 1 1/14/14 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Forgoing the meanspiritedness you might expect, Alpha House used gentle but shrewd humor to poke fun on the Washington, DC political process during its freshman season.
Alpha House, Season 2 11/18/14 72.00%[18.00/25]        Comments
John Goodman and Clark Johnson lead a fantastic cast in the second season of Alpha House, the hilarious and smart political satire produced by Amazon.
Amazing Race 13, The: 12/8/08 72.12%[18.03/25]        Comments
Yet the most recent installment of TAR had its usual slate of colorful characters, intriguing locales and entertaining challenges.
Amazing Race 14, The: 5/11/09 70.28%[17.57/25]        Comments
More TAR trivia! Racers had to contend with rule violations, untimely bladder emergencies and international taxi conspiracies.
Amazing Race 15, The: 12/7/09 78.80%[23.64/30]        Comments
Snowmen in the desert, a tiny mandolin and Mr. Las Vegas: these ingredients plus more made for yet another entertaining edition of The Amazing Race
Amazing Race 16, The: 5/10/10 78.77%[23.63/30]        Comments
The scores of mistakes made, the general unlikable-ness of most of the teams, and two of the most shrill, petty contestants the game has ever seen.
Amazing Race 17 Recap, The: 12/13/10 78.43%[27.45/35]        Comments
Season 17 included a couple of firsts, more than a handful of costly time penalties and possibly the most hyper contestant ever (Hello, Brook!) and the most negative contestant in the show's history (Hi, Nick!).
Amazing Race 19 Recap, The: 12/13/11 79.37%[27.78/35]        Comments
As for that disappointing, anticlimactic finale, let's not dwell on it. Let's just see how well you know The Amazing Race Season 19.
Amazing Race 21 Recap, The: 12/12/12 75.68%[18.92/25]        Comments
The Amazing Race 21 gave us the most unlikely winners in the history of.....history. Really. We looked this up.
Amazing Race 22 Recap, The: 5/9/13 78.68%[19.67/25]        Comments
Hockey players, rednecks, OB/GYNs and country singers made up the pallet of around-the-world racers on iteration 22 of The Amazing Race.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 1, The: 5/5/11 84.36%[21.09/25]        Comments
For season 18, the Race is Amazing and the Business is Unfinished. Eleven previous race teams were brought back to redeem themselves or finally capture first place.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 2, The: 5/9/11 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
With the finish line crossed, there are no more passports to be stamped, taxis to be hailed (and subsequently cursed) or foreign countries to embarrass themselves in.
Amazing Race, Season 20 Recap, The: 5/7/12 80.77%[24.23/30]        Comments
One team dominated from start to finish, so let's see if you can channel Rachel & Dave as we see how well you know The Amazing Race, Season 20.
Amazing Race, The: 4/18/07 61.55%[12.31/20]        Comments
Love Phil Keoghan's eyebrow? Then take our Amazing Race quiz! Somebody has to, right?
American Horror Story: Asylum 10/8/13 71.28%[17.82/25]        Comments
American Horror Story returned for a second season with completely new characters (though some of the faces were recognizable) in a creepy new setting.
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