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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 2
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1. Of all the teams that are given another chance this season, which is not a relationship represented?
Engaged Couple
Married Couple
2. With a surplus of five season 14 teams, the odds they would be eliminated first were high. It’s not surprising then that they were the first four teams gone. What is the correct order in which they were eliminated?
1. Amanda & Kris, 2. Mel & Mike, 3. Jaime & Cara, 4. Luke & Margie
1. Jaime & Cara, 2. Amanda & Kris, 3. Mel & Mike, 4. Luke & Margie
1. Amanda & Kris, 2. Luke & Margie, 3. Mel & Mike , 4. Jaime & Cara
1. Mel & Mike, 2. Amanda & Kris, 3. Luke & Margie, 4. Jaime & Cara
3. Throughout the entire season, which team is U-Turned but is not eliminated on that leg?
Flight Time & Big Easy
Jet & Cord
Amanda & Kris
Jaime & Cara
By way of explanation.....
Amanda & Kris essentially U-Turned themselves by getting last place in the very first task.
4. Episode 1: After heading out of Palm Springs, the teams break for what first destination city?
5. Episode 1: Which of these teams was not part of an answer sharing alliance at the flag decoding Roadblock?
Jet & Cord
Ron & Christina
Jaime & Cara
Luke & Margie
6. Episode 1: Complete this phrase that pays or rather the message decoded on the first Roadblock:“I am between _____ and ______.”
A rock / a hard place
The light / the dark of night
The devil / the deep blue sea
The moon / New York City
7. Episode 2: The two periodic elements that also was a street intersection the team were looking for were Bismuth and _______.
8. Episode 2: The first Detour of the Race gave the teams the choice between ______ and _______.
Soul Men / Science Minded
Desert / Dessert
Finger Painting / Tap Dancing
Spirit World / Natural World
9. Episode 2: You probably remember that Amanda & Kris were the first ones eliminated. But the first ‘first place’ team at the first official pitstop was _____.
Luke & Margie
Jaime & Cara
Zev & Justin
Ron & Christina
10. Episode 3: At the Detour in Japan, teams went with Purity or Luck. Only two teams chose the Purity task. Which is the correct pair of teams that went for Purity?
Jet & Cord and Jaime & Cara
Flight Time & Big Easy and Ron & Christina
Ron & Christina and Gary & Mallory
Kisha & Jen and Flight Time & Big Easy
11. Episode 3: Meanwhile as they are getting cleansed; the others are wallowing around in a mud pit looking for what object the size of a person’s palm?
A dragon
A frog
A bowl
A bell
12. Episode 3: Which team didn’t have any luck with the ‘Luck’ Detour, which resulted in a trip to the medical staff standing by and their elimination?
Mel & Mike
Jaime & Cara
Kent & Vyxsin
Jet & Cord
13. Episode 4: In China, which team left their fanny packs on a gondola, thus delaying then even further?
Ron & Christina
Zev & Justin
Jet & Cord
Kent & Vyxsin
14. Episode 4: Another Detour memory test: Which choices did the teams face in China that was between making candy by smashing it or carrying a giant musical instrument?
Horn or Hammer
Symphony or Cavity
Percussion or Precision
Sweet Music or Sweet Treats
15. Gary & Mallory decide to forgo a task involving what by using their Express Pass?
The Chinese Zodiac
Searching through mud for a frog
Dinosaur assembly
Eating on a Ferris Wheel
16. Episode 6: You probably can’t forget the admirable effort by Luke, who was the last to leave the tea tasting Roadblock. But who used their nose to figure out the right tea and was the first one to complete it?
Flight Time
17. Episode 7: How many holy men are the racers looking for during the Roadblock in Varanasi?
18. Episode 7: Varanasi, India was the scene of the search for holy men and a Detour task involving manure. Who saw this leg as their last one when they were eliminated by Phil at the pitstop?
Jet & Cord
Kisha & Jen
Luke & Margie
Ron & Christina
19. Episode 8: Which person…umm…relieves himself on the wall outside the Vienna National Library?
Flight Time
20. Episode 10: In the shadow of the Matterhorn, Zev & Justin were the first at the Detour and the last to leave the Detour. Which of these items was not a part of their “Search” task?
Saint Bernard
Electronic tracking device
A dummy
21. Episode 10: At the Roadblock, the teams had to fill a Travelocity gnome mold with what food stuff?
22. Episode 11: Heading into the finale, there are four teams left. Which is the correct spelling of the city are fourth place racers Zev & Justin eliminated in?
Rio de Janeiro
Rio da Jineiro
Rio de Jenairo
Rio da Janiro
23. Episode 11: Which of the teams successfully completes the beach bikini selling Detour?
Kisha & Jen
Gary & Mallory
Zev & Justin
None of the them
24. Episode 11: What mile marker did the teams have to find in order to get to clue telling them to walk across the ocean to Horseshoe Island?
25. Congratulations to winners, Kisha & Jen. Which of these is NOT a notable fact about them on this season?
They are the second all-female team to win the race.
They didn't claim first at a single pitstop
They were the last of the season 14 teams that got eliminated four in a row at the beginning.
They were a team spared on a nonelimination leg.
By way of explanation.....
Kisha & Jen actually ended up in fourth place four times and never worse than sixth place.

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