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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 15
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The Amazing Race 15 quiz

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1. The winners of The Amazing Race 15 were:
Brother and sister
2. What was different about the opening episode this year?
Phil was sick and didn’t introduce the episode
It took place at night
There was a team eliminated even before the race got started
The race didn’t start in the United States
3. Two teammates are nicknamed Big Easy and Flight Time. What is their profession?
Harlem Globetrotters
Professional poker players
Professional wrestlers
Computer hackers
4. What was the relationship between the teammates who were eliminated first?
Sibling lawyers
Father/daughter circus performers
Married yoga instructors
Divorced philanthropists
5. Tiffany and Maria are professional poker players. What did they tell the teams they do for a living?
They are professional poker players
They work with homeless youth
They are mechanics
They are waitresses
6. What was the name of the food that each team had to eat in Japan to continue the race?
Sushi Roll-Up
Wasabi Bomb
Ramen Surprise
Rice Patty Delight
7. In Vietnam, the teams went to a puppet theater. What was unusual about the puppets?
They were in water
They were marionettes with 48 strings
They took 4 people to operate them
They spoke in French
8. What was the name of the challenge where a team had to find letters on vehicles in traffic?
Traffic Scramble
Letters Letters Everywhere
Fill In The Blank
Word Play
9. The word the teams had to spell out in Word Play was DOCLAP? What does that mean in Vietnamese?
Vietnam Rules!
10. The team of Zev and Justin finished first in one leg of the race, but why were they eliminated?
They lost their passports
They forgot to carry their gnome around with them
They took the wrong transportation to get to the checkpoint
Justin had to go to the hospital for a serious injury
11. The team’s visited the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building. What floor is the observation deck located on?
20th floor
99th floor
124th floor
376th floor
12. In one of their Dubai challenges, the teams had to do what unusual activity for a desert?
Swim in a pool
Build a snowman
Ride a polar bear
Dance while wearing lederhosen
13. During the second part of their time in Dubai, the teams had to make a pile of gold. How much was the pile worth?
$1,000.50 (the current price of one ounce of gold)
14. To finish up their time in Dubai, the teams had to go down a water slide into a shark tank. Why was this a scary task for Mika?
She’s afraid of sharks
She’s afraid of heights
She’s afraid of water
She's afraid of both water and heights
15. In Martinitoren, the teams had to count the number of bells in the town’s carillon. How many bells were there?
16. How many times did Tiffany and Maria try to “ring the bell” before they were eliminated?
17. In Sweden, the teams visited Bogs Gard farm, the site of a difficult task from Season 6. What was the task?
Unroll giant bales of hay
Milk a cow
Catch a greased pig
Gather 1,000 eggs
18. When traveling from Sweden to Estonia, what mode of transportation did the teams use?
Water bicycle
19. One of the choices during the detour in Sweden was playing volleyball. What’s so hard about that?
They were knee deep in a bog
The ball weighed 5 pounds
They were playing against the world champion beach volleyball team
They had to do it blindfolded
20. Father and son, Matt and Gary, had their first Speed Bump in Estonia. What was their “punishment”?
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Scenic tour of the Estonian countryside by bicycle
Sit in a sauna bus for 5 minutes
Listen to Phil’s dad tell stories about New Zealand
21. Early in the season, the show identified the Globetrotters by their actual names. Can you remember what they are?
Nate and Herbert
Anthony and Andrew
Eugene and Horace
Timothy and Michael
22. Finalist Ericka had previously held this notable title:
Director of Admissions for Penn State University
UFC Octagon Girl
2004 Miss America
Mayor of Englewood, Colorado
23. The first name of which prominent author spelled doom for Flight Time and Big Easy?
24. Who won the only Fast Forward offered in the race?
Flight Time & Big Easy
Gary & Matt
Meghan & Cheyne
Mika & Canaan
25. Which team incurred a two-hour penalty during a leg, but still survived to continue racing?
Garrett & Jessica
Maria & Tiffany
Lance & Kerri
Zev & Justin
26. Here's a toughie: Which was the first team to be eliminated who had previously won a leg?
Flight Time & Big Easy
Gary & Matt
Lance & Kerri
Zev & Justin
27. Which was not a country visited during this edition of the race?
28. As Phil stated during at the finish line, the number of miles the winning teams raced was approximately:
29. How many of the 12 teams in the race were married?
Just one
30. The name of which race car driver, either real or fictitious, completes the title of fifth episode, "I'm like ___________"?
Dale Earnhardt
Ricky Bobby
Dick Trickle
Jeff Gordon

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