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How Well Do You Know: American Horror Story: Asylum
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1. "Welcome to Briarcliff": The very first body part to be severed during the season - just minutes into the opening episode - is a/n:
2. "Welcome to Briarcliff": Lana Winters first comes to Briarcliff purporting to do a story on the facility's:
Gardening program
3. "Tricks and Treats": To thank her for her assistance, Dr. Arden tempts Sister Mary Eunice with:
A candy apple
A cherry cordial
A flask of wine
4. "Tricks and Treats": The possessed teenager Jed Potter arrives at Briarcliff after having slaughtered:
A schoolteacher
A cow
His parents
A nun
5. "Nor'easter": Which film is shown on the night of the storm?
King of Kings
East of Eden
The Sign of the Cross
Ben Hur
6. "Nor'easter": Sister Mary Eunice kills a female Briarcliff inmate as she:
Tries to escape
Sleeps in her room
7. "I am Anne Frank (Part I)": Anne Frank identifies Dr. Arden as a Nazi with the last name of:
8. "I am Anne Frank (Part I)": While in line for medication, Lana has a delusion of:
Setting Briarcliff afire
Walking on a beach
Killing Sister Jude and Dr. Arden
Receiving an award
9. "I am Anne Frank (Part II)": Coming to claim her, Anne Frank's husband says that the woman's real first name is:
Oddly enough, Anne
10. "I am Anne Frank (Part II)": The brutally deformed Shelley is seen outside Briarcliff:
In a schoolyard stairwell
In an alley behind a theater
In an orphanage hallway
In a grocery store stockroom
11. "The Origins of Monstrosity": In the present, police find the bodies of the Bloody Face impostors:
Strewn throughout the death chute
Suspended in a stairwell
Hacked up in the asylum's washroom
Stuffed into a closet
12. "The Origins of Monstrosity": Who kills the Nazi hunter Sam Goodman?
Bloody Face
Dr. Arden
Monsignor Howard
Sister Mary Eunice
13. "Dark Cousin": Who is the first person in the episode to see the Angel of Death?
Sister Mary Eunice
Sister Jude
14. "Dark Cousin": To make his escape, Kit hits his lawyer with this item:
A framed picture
A desk clock
A three-hole punch
A stapler
15. "Unholy Night": The year before the events of Asylum, the patient Leigh Emerson attacks an orderly in front of the staff and the other patients using:
A candy cane
A log
His handcuffs
His teeth
16. "Unholy Night": Dr. Arden gives Sister Mary Eunice these gemstones, which have had a rather unusual journey:
17. "The Coat Hanger": We learn in this episode that which two characters are pregnant?
Lana and Grace
Sister Jude and Sister Mary Eunice
Lana and Sister Mary Eunice
Grace and Sister Jude
18. "The Coat Hanger": When Dr. Arden proposes (nearly) killing him, Kit is:
Strapped to a bed
Drinking with Dr. Arden
Threatening to jump off the Briarcliff roof
In his solitary confinement cell
19. "The Name Game": Sister Mary Eunice installs this item in the common room at Briarcliff:
A photobooth
A cigarette machine
A jukebox
A confessional
20. "The Name Game": The one thing lacking in this season was a song and dance number, and we finally get it, as Judy Martin wears a dress of this color during The Name Game performance:
21. "Spilt Milk": Before being ushered out of Briarcliff by Sister Claudia, Lana retrieves the tape that holds Dr. Thredson's confession, which she had hidden:
In the boiler room
In her cell
In the bakery
In the chapel
22. "Spilt Milk": Johnny Morgan has an unusual encounter with a prostitute with this mythological name:
23. "Continuum": When the episode opens, we see this person, covered with blood, holding an ax:
Johnny Morgan
Monsignor Howard
24. "Continuum": Lana's bestselling book is titled:
Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival
Santa and the Seven Nuns
Murder and the Monsignor
Fear and the True Face of Evil
25. "Madness Ends": Each of the following dies during the season finale, except for:
Johnny Morgan
Sister Jude
Monsignor Howard

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