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How Well Do You Know: 30 Rock: Season Four
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1. "Season 4": In the context of 30 Rock, what's Season 4?
A restaurant
A TV show
A drink
2. "Season 4": In a moment that breaks the fourth wall, 30 Rock totally burns what decision by NBC?
Airing SNL on Thursday nights
Shifting Leno to prime time
Canceling Southland weeks before its season 2 premiere
Dumping Ben Silverman
3. "Into the Crevasse": Jack is heading to D.C., so Liz tells him to look for a retainer she left there during a junior high field trip. How did she lose it in the first place?
It got knocked out when a security guard tackled her to the ground
She took it out for a photo in front of the dinosaur display
She lost it in the IMAX theater
She took it out to eat astronaut ice cream
4. "Into the Crevasse": Jenna journeys to _____ to shoot a werewolf movie.
5. "Stone Mountain": Finish Jack's line: "Good god Lemon, your breath. When did you find time to eat a _____ you found on the beach."
Rotten egg
Dead fish
6. "Audition Day": In one of 30 Rock's funniest moments (in my opinion), Kathy Geiss auditions for a spot on TGS by singing a song. Her performance is a parody of what?
Taylor Swift/Kanye West at the VMAs
Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent
Sinéad O'Connor on SNL
Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl
7. "The Problem Solvers": The episode refers to a fictional show that features four panelists yelling at each other about sports (a la Around the Horn). What's it called?
This Panel's on Fire!
Just Joshing
Angry Men
Sports Shouting
8. "Sun Tea": Liz manages to scare away her neighbor by peeing into a _____.
Beer mug
Flower vase
9. "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001": Why does Tracy want to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony?
To fulfill a life-long dream
To win a bet with Jenna
To live in his wife's apartment again
To be allowed to have a daughter
10. "Secret Santa": Who guests as Jack's high school crush?
Nicole Kidman
Julianne Moore
Penelope Cruz
Kate Winslet
11. "Secret Santa": How does Liz get her to stay in New York?
Liz locks her in her closet
Liz tells her she wants to show her around the TGS offices
Liz calls in a bomb threat to the train station
Liz purposefully gets her lost on the way to the airport
12. "Klaus and Greta": Jack and Kenneth break into Nancy's home while she in on vacation. Why?
Jack wants to delete a message he left on her answering machine
Jack forgot to feed her dog and wants to make sure she's still alive
Jack needs to tidy up the home before her husband returns from his business trip
Jack is testing out a new break-in device from GE
13. "Black Light Attack!": Jenna auditions for a role on _____, only to be disappointed when she learns she'll be playing the mother and not the daughter.
Melrose Place
Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries
14. "Winter Madness": Up in Boston, Tracy gets in a verbal fight with a _____ impersonator.
Paul Revere
Dr. Phil
Bill Bellichick
John Hancock
15. "Verna": Frank needs to crash at someone else's apartment. Why?
His mom is in town and he doesn't want her to know he's still in the city
He accidentally set his house on fire
He got evicted
His roommate smells too much
16. "Anna Howard Shaw Day": On a CNBC talk show, Jack says his favorite movie is a tie between The Fountainhead and _____.
Uncle Buck
Cool Runnings
The Breakfast Club
Austin Powers
17. "Future Husband": Jack learns that NBC has been bought by Philadelphia-based cable company, _____.
Phun Tube
18. "Don Geiss, America and Hope": While giving the eulogy at Don Geiss' funeral, Jack has an epiphany. What?
Anchor-less cable news shows
Portable microwaves
Porn for women
Crossdressing pets
19. "Floyd": Floyd's back in town! Liz takes him to a seafood restaurant, and ends up getting Floyd drunk. How?
His fish sauce is whiskey-based
His Bloody Marys weren't virgins
They both partake in the restaurant's free drinking samples
She slipped him shots for no apparent reason
20. "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter": Avery: "This is one of the only restaurants in America with a _____ tank." Jack: "It just tastes better when you pick your own."
Iceberg lettuce
21. "Khonani": Modeled after the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien late-night wars, Jack must take action after Khonani, a janitor, demands that he get the 11:30 work shift. What's the name of the guy who currently works at that hour?
22. "Argus": Jack inherits a peacock from Don Geiss. What celebrity is on the front of the peacock's food bag?
Jerry Seinfeld
Joan Rivers
Donald Trump
Richard Branson
23. "The Moms": Finish Liz's line: "You could have married Buzz Aldrin! You should regret that mother, you should have followed him! Laura Linney could have played you in the HBO Original movie, _____."
Buzz's Bride
Moon Wives
One Giant Leap
Jet Fuel
24. "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land": What is Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land?
A '70s movie
Liz's kickball team name
Cinemax softcore
A dish at a new NYC restaurant
25. "I Do Do": Will Forte returns as Jenna's cross-dressing boyfriend, Paul. However, instead of dressing like Jenna, he dresses like _____.
Reba McEntire
Wynonna Judd

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