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How Well Do You Know: 24: The Final Season
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1. This is the last season of the series. Which of these series below contains the total number of seasons of 24?
Six Degrees
Seventh Heaven
Eight is Enough
Just the Ten of Us
2. You probably know that this season’s action takes place in New York City but at what hour does the first episode kick off at?
8 a.m.
4 p.m.
3. Who is the U.S. President at the start of the season?
4. Before he is roped back into working for CTU…wait for it…one last time, Jack is at home playing with his granddaughter ____.
5. President Omar Hassan is the leader of the fictional Middle Eastern country at the heart of the central peace treaty. What acronym is this nation primarily referred to as?
6. President Hassan didn’t just have a full head of luxurious hair like JFK but he also was having an affair with a lady named Meredith, who later figured key into exposing a conspiracy. What was her job?
Press secretary
Call girl
Federal agent
7. Before we find out that Dana is a traitor/mole, we learn she has the same first name as _____.
Forrest Gump’s girlfriend
Richard Gere’s ‘Pretty Woman’
Rhett Butler’s southern belle
Charlize Theron’s ‘Monster’
8. In a plot as derided as season 2's Kim and cougar, what illegal activity does Dana Walsh help her former, ex-con boyfriend commit?
Hire a hit man
Escape from jail
Rob the police evidence storage
Kill his parole officer
9. Overkill thy name is Renee Walker. How many times did they say that she stabbed the Russian mobster that she was once undercover with?
10. Big time Russian mobster Sergei Bazhaev's son is ill with extreme radiation poisoning from nuclear fuel rods that daddy is smuggling in. Unfortunately, the radiation doesn't kill but ______ does instead.
Sergei's other son
Sergei himself
11. What do the terrorists want as payment to prevent them from detonating a nuclear device?
President Taylor
President Hassan
U.S. nuclear arming codes
$523 million
12. What happens to Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin that prevents him from stopping the US military-led attempt to hand over President Hassan to terrorists.
He realizes that handing over Hassan is the right choice
He has a heart attack
He is knocked unconscious by Secret Service
He accepts a bribe from Charles Logan
13. Disgraced ex-President Charles Logan says he has evidence that which country helped fund the terrorists behind Hassan’s assassination?
14. After all these years, for the first time this season, we finally get to see Jack take time for what completely natural act?
15. With CTU Director Brian Hastings removed from command of CTU in the aftermath of the EMP destruction, reliable, surly Chloe O’Brien is promoted to:
Acting Director of Field Operations
Senior Lead Data Analyst
CTU White House Liaison
Provisional Director of CTU Operations
16. In the tradition of Edgar, a new tech started out as a pain in Chloe’s neck but turned out to be a trusted helper. This new guy has what unusual, musician-inspired first name:
17. Which character was on the wrong end of a DB Sweeney-administered waterboarding before being saved by Jack?
18. It was all for nothing because Jack Bauer can't be stopped but Pavel the Russian assassin attempted to hide his cell phone’s sim card by putting it ______.
Under his tongue
In his shoe
In his stomach
In Jack's pocket
19. To get help while a wanted man, Jack turns to James Ricker, played by which Resevoir Dog?
Tim Roth
Harvey Keitel
Steve Buscemi
Michael Madsen
20. What hinders Chloe and Arlo from tracking down Ricker's location in attempt to catch up with Jack?
He's listed as DECEASED by the CIA
Unable to get a photo of him
His federal records are sealed
He doesn't really exist
21. All the following people met their maker this season but only one was introduced to God by Jack Bauer. Who died directly at the hands of Jack?
Jason Pillar
President Hassan
Bill Pardy
Dana Walsh
22. Jack's been shot by Chloe as a way for her to escape with evidence of the cover-up. What else does Jack do to give her more time to get away from Jason Pillar?
Pretends to have a seizure
Bites a chunk of Pillar's ear off
Confesses that the evidence was a fake
Claims that he has another sniper with Logan in his sights
23. At the end of the long day, the conspiracy is exposed, the peace treaty is called off, President Taylor is stepping down, and Jack is once again on the run. After a tearful goodbye from Jack, Chloe has the final words of the TV series. What three words are they?
Shut it down
Please be safe
Good luck, Jack
I love you
24. The final season of 24 was populated with many familiar faces from movies and TV. Which movie below did not feature an actor from this season of 24?
Office Space
Forrest Gump
Das Boot

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