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How Well Do You Know: The 2010-11 TV Season
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1. Which of the following was not a judge/mentor on NBC's The Voice?
Christina Aguilera
Cee-lo Green
Adam Levine
Kanye West
By way of explanation.....
Actually, can we make Kanye happen as a judge? Cause that right there would be worth watching!
2. Prolific TV writer Stephen J. Cannell died on October 1. As a tribute, an empty seat at a poker table was included on this show which Cannell made cameos:
Blue Bloods
Private Practice
3. The episode of this series titled "The Justice League Recombination" saw the gang dressed up as, you guessed it, superheroes:
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory
Grey's Anatomy
4. Which place name was not part of a series new to the 2010-11 network TV landscape?
By way of explanation.....
You had The Chicago Code, Hawaii Five-O and Detroit 1-8-7. Nothing about the Mile High city, though
5. Which show was assured of fantabulous rating as it aired in the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot?
Undercover Boss
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
6. Which does not correctly match the reality show with its champion?
Survivor Redemption Island: Rob Mariano
American Idol: Scotty McCreery
The Amazing Race 18: The Globetrotters
Dancing with the Stars: Hines Ward
7. The sisters that make up the singing group Aly & AJ acted on which network show?
Better with You
My Generation
Mad Love
8. Which of the following pair both starred in a remake of an earlier film and/or TV project?
Jennifer Beals and William Shatner
Maggie Q and Alex O'Loughlin
Elisha Cuthbert and Matthew Perry
Kathy Bates and James Belushi
By way of explanation.....
For Nikita and Hawaii Five-O
9. Both editions of Survivor that aired in 2010-11 were filmed in which country?
10. The first network show of the 2010 year to be canceled was _____, which was yanked after a mere two episodes aired:
Traffic Light
Lone Star
The Cape
By way of explanation.....
Fox pulled the plug on Lone Star on September 28. ABC's My Generation, which also aired only two episodes, was canceled on October 1.
11. The October 14th episode of this sitcom was aired live, with separate tapings made for the East and West Coasts:
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
30 Rock
12. This series produced a webisode called The 3rd Floor, which detailed the production of a horror movie:
How I Met Your Mother
The Office
Mr. Sunshine
13. Which CBS series created storylines to bid farewell to two of its female cast members this season (only to announce in May that both would be returning to the series in the fall)?
Criminal Minds
The Good Wife
14. The cast of the ABC mid-season show Happy Endings included the son of which established comedic actor?
Jamie Foxx
Damon Wayans
Tom Arnold
Jim Carrey
15. "See You Next Fall," which would have made a great title for a season finale, was instead the second-to-last episode for this season:
The Middle
Modern Family
Private Practice
30 Rock
16. Which notable comedian/actor was NOT part of the cavalcade of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre interviewees in the season finale of The Office?
Jim Carrey
James Spader
Ray Romano
Kevin Spacey
17. We all know that Two and a Half Men will soldier on without Charlie Sheen and Steve Carell left The Office. Which of these other shows will carry on next season without its male lead?
The Mentalist
Law & Order: SVU
18. Pete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli were:
Blue Bloods
Friends with Benefits
The Defenders
19. What does CHAOS stand for?
Clandestine Homeland Administration and Oversight Services
Community Housing and Outreach Society
Courage Hope Appreciation Offering Sympathy
Community Homeopathy Aromatherapy Operating Services
20. Strange things happen to the members of the Powell family after their plane crashes in the Amazon on:
No Ordinary Family
Off the Map
Mike & Molly
Running Wilde
21. Justin Halpern's Twitter feed was the inspiration for this show that debuted in September:
Harry's Law
Bob's Burgers
Mr. Sunshine
$hi! My Dad Says
22. Only one of these shows was spared the axe and will return next fall. Which didn't bite the dust?
Human Target
The Event
Raising Hope
23. This series aired a stop-motion animation Christmas episode, and based its final two episodes of the season on paintball:
Cougar Town
Mike & Molly
24. Li'l Sebastian, a miniature horse and the object of widespread affection, figured prominently in two episodes of:
Parks and Recreation
Celebrity Apprentice
The Paul Reiser Show
25. Once again, American Idol was the season's rating champ. According to the helpful color-coding system on the Wikipedia page for the 2010-11 network television schedule page, which of the following was a top-10 series as well?
NCIS: Los Angeles
Undercover Boss
The Good Wife

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