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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 14
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The Amazing Race 14

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1. The finish line for The Amazing Race 14 was:
At a railroad depot
At an outdoor amphitheater
On a golf course
At a church
2. In the premiere episode, which item could be seen approaching lethal speeds as it rolled down a hillside?
A log
A bowling ball
A wheel of cheese
A cannon ball
3. The Siberian leg seemed to be one of the more difficult in Amazing Race history (go figure). Several teams knocked down their pile of logs in the wood stacking roadblock. Instead of bailing and performing the shutter task, which team stuck with the wood and successfully completed their stack?
Jaime & Cara
Mel & Mike
Amanda & Kris
Mark & Michael
4. Which of the following movies did Mike White write?
The American President
Napoleon Dynamite
School of Rock
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
5. Raise your hand if you didn't want to beat Victor 'round the head and shoulders as he kept following the wrong set of markers up a hillside in the third challenge.

Thought so.

Instead of following the yellow and red Amazing Race markers, Vic followed markers that were:
Red and white
Yellow and green
Black and blue
Yellow and blue
6. Racers had to unscramble the name of which acclaimed Russian author?
7. Who described Luke as "the sinister deaf kid"?
8. Which team was the first to be spared elimination?
Victor and Tammy
Christie and Jodi
Margie and Luke
Amanda and Kris
9. The checkpoint at which location saw one member from each team arrive in their underwear?
10. With which two animals were racers photographed in a zoo in Thailand?
A tiger and an elephant
A cobra and a mongoose
A frog and a butterfly
A panda and a really, really big lizard
11. Mark and Mike's rather callous disregard for the rules cost them penalty minutes on two of the legs. The total amassed penalty time was:
45 minutes
2 hours 30 minutes
4 hours 30 minutes
5 hours
12. How many Thai females (wink!) were in the karaoke cab along with the racers in Bangkok?
13. Humanists and friends to hacks everywhere, Jamie and Cara were former cheerleaders of which NFL team?
San Diego Chargers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants
Miami Dolphins
14. How many females were in the final four teams?
15. Which was the first team to be eliminated, that had previously won a leg?
Mike & Mel
Amanda & Kris
Mark & Michael
Christie & Jodi
16. TAR 14 featured a new opening. Which of the following was a change made for this season?
Eliminated teams were no longer shown in the opening
Phil's visage was featured prominently
Reworked theme song
A map which showed the starting point for that leg
17. Which was the first team to be shown in the opening credits?
Preston & Jennifer
Kisha & Jen
Brad & Victoria
Steve & Linda
18. The name of which rock star was included in a title for one of the episodes?
Steven Tyler
Alice Cooper
Eric Clapton
Mick Jagger
19. Which crispy creatures were not among the Beijing street food that the racers had to consume?
20. How many teams in the race were identified as siblings and also as having the same occupation?
21. At the finish line, Phil stated the race had covered (approximately, we assume) this many miles:
22. Which team was on the receiving end of the season's new wrinkle, the Blind U-Turn?
Brad & Victoria
Amanda & Kris
Margie & Luke
Mel & Mike
23. Which of the following was not a prize awarded at the end of a leg?
A hybrid go-cart
A trip for two to the Galapagos
An ocean kayak
A ski vacation at Vail
24. Leg 10 was a double-length leg. Which team reached Phil first, only to be told that they had to keep racing?
Jamie & Cara
Kisha & Jen
Tammy & Victor
Margie & Luke
25. Which of the teams listed below did not win a leg?
Margie & Luke
Mark & Michael
Christie & Jodi
Kisha & Jen

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