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How Well Do You Know: 2011-2012: The Year in TV
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1. With the 2011-12 network television season in our rearview, let's consider the big winners of the last year. Among the top 10 most watched network shows for the year are each of the following, except for:
American Idol
Two and a Half Men
30 Rock
By way of explanation.....
In fact, The Voice was the only entry among the top 10 for the Peacock network
2. And now, the losers: Which show shares the same distinction as 2010's Lone Star by being the first show canceled of the 2011-2012 season?
Pan Am
Prime Suspect
The Playboy Club
3. As is usually the case, similarly themed shows pop up on different networks. The fairy tale-themed Once Upon A Time and Grimm were distinctly different in tone and storytelling. So, which one survived and will return in Fall 2012?
Only Once Upon A Time
Only Grimm
Both of them
Neither of them
4. Which show saw Michael J. Fox reprise a previous role in a multi-show guest spot during this season?
Grey's Anatomy
The Good Wife
Blue Bloods
5. The Office opened the season by answering the cliffhanger question of who would be hired as Michael Scott's replacement. Who spent (most of) this season as the Regional Manager for Dunder Mifflin / Sabre?
6. Trying to recapture the interest that Boston Rob brought back to Survivor, Mark Burnett & Co. brought former castaways Coach and Ozzy to the fall 2011 season. One of them must have won, right? RIGHT?
Right, Ozzy won
Right, Coach won
Wrong, neither of them won
Wrong, neither of them even made it to the jury
7. For several episodes this season, which Lost alumnus returned to the Aloha state to be a part of Hawaii Five-0 with Daniel Dae Kim?
Terry O'Quinn (John)
Jorge Garcia (Hurley)
Michael Emerson (Ben)
Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond)
8. We'll check back in with more failures in a minute. While it's good advice to "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23", you can trust that this actor's parody of himself on the sitcom is worth watching.
Dan Faustino
James van der Beek
Matt LeBlanc
Brian Austin Green
9. The show mentioned in the previous category wasn't the only one to contain a reference to the "B" word (hint: rhymes with "itch") in its title. In the ABC series GCB, what did the C stand for?
10. What show got the choice scheduling nod to air immediately after the Super Bowl?
The Voice
11. Speaking of The Voice (hope you got the last question correct), a singer from which coaches' team was the winner May 8, 2012?
12. Dancing with the Stars bestowed a mirror ball on two 'celebrity' contestants (one in the fall and one in the spring). Which the correct listing of the winners for the 2011-2012 TV season?
J.R. Martinez / Donald Driver
Rob Kardashian / Jaleel White
J.R. Martinez / William Levy
Ricki Lake / Donald Driver
13. This season marked the ended of a handful of long-running series. Three of these had their swan song this May (two knew it was coming and one did not). Which is the only one still plugging along?
CSI: Miami
House, M.D.
Desperate Housewives
Law & Order: SVU
14. Two and a Half Men retooled itself by bringing Ashton Kutcher to fill the void left by Charlie Sheen. Which of these did NOT happen this season on Two and a Half Men?
It premiered in September to 28 million viewers
Sheen' character appeared as a ghost in the form of Kathy Bates
Sheen's character was hit by a train in Paris
Angus T. Jones' Jake is phased out of the show by 'graduating early'
15. Which of these is not the name of an actual 'male-centric' sitcom to debut this season? (Note: None of the three actual shows will be back.)
Man Up
Work It
The Bro Code
How to Be a Gentleman
16. Glee is still the place for guest stars as evidenced by several cropping up on the show. Which of these actors did NOT appear on an episode this season?
Jeff Goldblum
Lindsay Lohan
Matt Damon
Whoopi Goldberg
17. Of the freshman CBS hour-long dramas listed here, which is only one not canceled?
Person of Interest
A Gifted Man
18. Successful film screenwriters created several shows this season. The creators behind ABC's heavily promoted (and ultimately, canceled) The River were responsible for what film franchise?
The Blair Witch Project
Paranormal Activity
19. Brevity and ambiguity remained king with show titles this year. Can you spot the generic one-word title that was not a new show this season?
20. Characters having babies is a TV tradition. Three of these characters carried on said tradition but which one didn't?
The Office's Pam
How I Met Your Mother's Lily
Community's Brita
Bones' Brennan
21. Prime Suspect was an NBC rehash starring Maria Bello of a British crime miniseries. Which incomparable actor/actress played the detective on that original version?
Michael Caine
Helen Mirren
Alec Guinness
Maggie Smith
22. TV audiences also bid farewell to Dr. Gregory House. With the finale's title being "Everybody Dies," surely one of the main characters was dead by the time the end credits rolled, right? RIGHT?
Right...House actually died in a fire.
Right...Wilson died from cancer.
Right...Foreman died saving House.
Wrong...all the main cast was alive.
By way of explanation.....
Since everybody lived then the title "Everybody Dies" fit with House's series-long mantra that "everybody lies."
23. As the TV season wound down, the star of a notable CBS series came out in a New York Times profile:
Hawaii Five O's Alex O'Loughlin
Mike and Molly's Billy Gardell
The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons
Rules of Engagement's David Spade
24. Glee devoted an entire episode in tribute to this music industry icon who died a few weeks before:
Dick Clark
Donna Summer
Adam Yauch
Whitney Houston
25. One of the great disasters of the television season was the latest attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the screen. The amazon was cast, the pilot was shot and....the series was killed off. Who was to have played the title comic book heroine?
Minka Kelly
Adrianne Palicki
Cobie Smulders
Maggie Q

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