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How Well Do You Know: Alpha House, Season 1
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1. "Pilot": This comedian has a cameo as Senator Vernon Smits, resident of the house who is arrested in the opening moments of the series:
Liam Neeson
Robin Williams
Bill Murray
Dan Aykroyd
2. "Pilot": "I'm a prominent critic of the homosexual agenda, for chrissake." Louis receives a award from:
The Society for Sanctity in Marriage
The Council for Normal Marriage
United Federation for Proper Marriage
Americans Against Uncivil Unions
3. "Pilot": Gil John smashes his iPhone upon learning that his new opponent in the primary will be Digger Mancusi, the basketball coach at this Tar Heel state school:
East Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina State
4. "Pilot": In the pilot, several are fired - mostly unsuccessfully - from a shotgun at a:
5. "No Shame": Louis' appearance on this man's talk show host does not go quite as well, when Louis ends up with his face in the host's crotch:
Jimmy Kimmel
Jon Stewart
Jimmy Fallon
Stephen Colbert
6. "No Shame": Andy discloses to his new roommates that he dreamed of being President.....but the odd thing is:
He won as a Democrat
He ran unopposed
He lost the Latino vote
He ran his campaign from a jail cell
7. "No Shame": Reassuring Louis that "the media always moves on," Gil John recalls a game against Clemson in which he assaulted a referee with:
His fists
A microphone
A chair
A foam finger
8. "All Weapons Red": "My Mormon prayers haven't been working out too well lately." Rattled by the prospect of suffering harm in Kabul, Louis asks this person to lead him in prayer:
Gil John
9. "All Weapons Red": Which of the Senators is invited up into the cockpit during the flight to Afghanistan?
Gil John
10. "Triggers": "You're blowing him up like a sex doll. You're lucky he didn't pop." Who administers mouth-to-mouth to Louis?
Gil John
The US Ambassador
11. "Triggers": Louis shudders at the thought of being transported to Walter Reed Medical Center because:
The doctors there are all Democrats
He has no interest on getting onto a plane
He voted to close Walter Reed
He only wants to be treated at a Naval medical center
12. "Hippo Issues": When they first meet, Adriana mistakes Gil John's wife for:
Gil John's mother
A social worker
A potential housekeeper
A call girl
13. "Hippo Issues": On a stroll with Aaron, Tammy discusses her past eating this unusual meat:
14. "Zingers": During the town hall with Digger Mancusi, Gil John unwittingly humiliates his opponent over his:
Mother's passing
15. "Zingers": Who arranges for the installation of the chair lift in the house so Louis can return home?
Louis's wife
Their neighbor Senator DuPeche
16. "Prayer Brunch": Adriana bursts in on Andy with another woman in his room, but it turns out she is only:
Teaching him needlepoint
Helping him with his Spanish
Helping him with his oration delivery
Teaching him how to tie a bow tie
17. "Prayer Brunch": During the prayer brunch, who is camped out on a limousine sitting curbside?
Gil John
18. "Ruby Shoals": While the rest of his entourage is on the campaign bus, Gil John makes a break for it while driving:
A limo
A Mustang
A cement truck
A pickup truck
19. "Ruby Shoals": Adriana informs Andy that he is to give the Republican response to the President's speech on:
Immigration reform
The debt ceiling
National health care
Tariffs and trade
20. "The Rebuttal": The ethics investigation Robert faces concerns his possibly accepting a garment made out of:
21. "The Rebuttal": A member of this Senator's staff creates a scandal when he accidentally tweets a picture of his private parts:
Gil John
22. "Showgirls": At the beginning of the episode, Louis' rival Al Hickock shoots a man driving a truck toward him. At the root of the dispute between the two was:
A campaign donation
A gambling debt
Grazing rights
23. "Showgirils": Louis learns that willing to join the showgirls on strike are:
Culinary workers
Magicians and comedians
Elvis impersonators
24. "In the Saddle": A sign that the departed Senator passed on while gettin' busy is that he was found:
With his pants down, literally
Wearing a condom
With his female aide's hair caught in his zipper
With his pants on backwards
25. "In the Saddle": A rival's TV spot shows - in pretty darned slick fashion - this Senator's head morphing into Obama's:
Gil John

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